7 Compelling Reasons to Use UCaaS for Business Communications

Would providing seamless workflows and effective collaboration with clients and team members enhance your company’s profitability? 

Advancing technological developments such as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) are transforming the way businesses communicate. 

The communications marketplace is continuously changing. Businesses that keep up with the newest innovation cloud-based communications trends unlock robust benefits compared to those that do not. 

Companies of all sizes want to use online collaboration and messaging tools without worrying about streaming quality issues and buffering. 

The adoption of cloud-based services has been on the rise and projected to reach 36.45 billion (USD) by the year 2026. 

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS is a cloud-based unified communications platform where the infrastructure is owned, maintained, operated, and delivered by a third-party.

Providers deliver applications to businesses from a common cloud-based platform. Companies license UCaaS services for a recurring, monthly, or subscription-based charge.

The six communication functions supported by UCaaS are:

  • Video / audio / web meetings
  • Enterprise telephony
  • Mobility
  • Communications-enabled business processes
  • Personal and team instant messaging

Before hiring a UCaaS service provider, ask them these five vital questions. Below are seven compelling reasons businesses are embracing UCaaS services.

Eliminate Physical Barriers

On-site communication systems are limited by the physical hardware they use. Legacy phones must plug into a wired network, and the number of users is limited to the size of a server. 

Cloud services are built on physical infrastructure for the Internet and supported by wireless technologies. 

They provide a virtual alternative for communications and data sharing. Businesses who adopt UCaaS services are not tied down to one place and are not limited to a set number of connection points.

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No Upfront Expenses and Reduced Operating Costs

Rather than paying for the design of communication solutions, the cost is shifted to an experienced UCaaS service provider. 

Businesses can lease, rather than buy, equipment and phones, ensuring that they are always using updated tools.

This scenario enables businesses to avoid capital infrastructure costs and replace them with predictable and scalable monthly fees.

Shared data centers provide more reliable service than on-site infrastructure. Businesses save money on energy bills, managing and configuring connections, and rack space. 

Easily Scalable

UCaaS systems are built to scale. They match the growth of businesses by enabling them to add or remove users quickly when needed.

It is much more efficient for all companies, especially start-ups and SMBs, to replace in-house communication infrastructures. 

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Organizations can start on a small program and move, add, remove, and deploy resources when needed. This flexibility to scale up or down reduces wasted bandwidth and saves time and resources. 

Better Security

Although most businesses have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place, UCaaS service providers use more stringent measures to monitor networks for potential vulnerabilities and known threats.

Updates and security patches are applied regularly as part of monthly maintenance, and performance redundancies protect against downtime. 

Cloud-based data centers are built to high resiliency and security standards and include 24/7 cyber threat monitoring.

If a disaster or emergency occurs, a UCaaS provider can quickly adapt to a company’s situation without additional costs. 

It is not possible to completely avoid disasters no matter how many proactive steps your business has in place. 

Businesses that use in-house infrastructures have fewer resources than offsite services to adhere to the same high standards of business continuity and disaster recovery processes. 

With UCaaS providers, companies will be able to access critical communications such as voicemail and email in an emergency.

Increased Productivity with Greater Mobility 

Before COVID-19, there were more than 7 million people working remotely in the United States. This is a trend projected to grow in the future.

Companies that use UCaaS services help team members, clients, and staff to communicate more effectively. 

When communications can take place from anywhere at any time, workers can get more done faster.

Rather than struggling with managing various communications across numerous devices, UCaaS makes life easier for a company’s IT staff. 

When equipped with the right tools to work remotely, businesses can facilitate access, ensuring streamlined collaboration and communication for better productivity. 

Better Customer Service

When everyone from an organization has access to the same network and communication platforms, customer inquiries can be dealt with efficiently and quickly.

The consumer experience plays a vital role in the success of a business. Below are a few statistics on the importance of customer service:

  • 64% of consumers surveyed said they are more likely to recommend a company when communications are satisfactory and straightforward.
  • 63% of new business comes from existing customers.
  • 93% of customers say they are more likely to make another purchase from a company if they experienced excellent customer service.
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With UCaaS, companies can be sure to direct customer inquiries to the right person from a variety of communication options.

Smoother Collaboration

UCaaS gives users access to applications and communications from wherever they are at any time. The ability to set up meetings on the fly, chat instantly, and engage customers in real-time improves customer satisfaction and increases workforce productivity. 

Prepare Your Business for the Future

Investing in UCaaS services reduces costs, provides better customer service, and increases scalability and agility.  

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UCaaS provides businesses with a secure, safe, and affordable platform to improve business communications and collaboration. 

According to Gartner’s research, UCaaS offers a strong value proposition to businesses, especially the SMBs with a lack of internal expertise.

UCaaS systems offer a framework to help businesses deliver a more productive and collaborative workplace.

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