7 Tips For Differentiating Your Brand From The Competition

Although launching a new brand isn’t always that difficult, consistency plays a major role in its progress. Nowadays, the competition that exists within the market is intense. You can’t expect to launch a brand and immediately get an enormous amount of sales. You’ll have to move up the ladder and prove your worth. In addition, making a mark on the industry with your business is imperative. If your brand offers something that is distinguishable from most other brands and that too, for a good purpose, indicates that customers are expected to stay loyal to you and your brand. This may not only help you make significant improvements regarding your sales but will also help your business in the long-run. 

Expressing how your brand, in particular, is different from the rest of the competition is always crucial in helping you succeed. For that reason, we’ve compiled seven major tips that’ll help put you on the path to success and will differentiate you from the rest of the competition:

1.  Form Stronger Relationships

Firstly, you must try to form a meaningful connection with your customers. If you have a stronger relationship, you’re already moving towards the path to success. From time to time, you can further build up that relationship by sending small gifts as tokens of gratitude. Something as simple as brand pins could account for great gifts. You could also send out custom branded pins that make great gifts for your clients. You may be thinking that small gifts are completely unnecessary. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Gifts, no matter the cost, show the value you have for your customers. This helps attract customers and encourages them to make bigger transactions than ever before. 

Nowadays, what most businesses do is attract customers just once. This is completely impractical since the chances of the same customer making a second purchase is less than 40%. This is why you must maintain a solid relationship with your customers, in order to keep them coming back for more. Sending out gifts is always a smart decision, as it can help you retain older customers.

2. Don’t Create Problems, Solve Them Instead. 

Most businesses, both international and local, have contributed more towards creating problems as opposed to actually solving them. This is a major issue since this often renders your brand useless. In the era of today, people look more towards problem solvers and not people who create problems. This is why you must show people that your brand can actually help in solving problems as opposed to creating them. Other than that, being a problem solver will make your brand much more practical and, in this way, more resourceful. People are also more likely to remain faithful to your brand if your brand doesn’t contribute negatively towards issues such as global warming or discrimination against certain ethnicities. 

3. Research the Entire Market 

Next, in order for you to obtain success, you must be willing enough to learn. Before launching your brand, you need to look upon other brands and how they operate. Furthermore, you’ll also need to look at your costs and potential profits. This will help you foresee any potential losses in both the short-run and the long-run. 

Also, if you’ve researched the entire market, you’ll feel much more confident with your prices. Having reliable information concerning the entire market will help you stay clear of customers who throw away irrational or unrealistic information about the prices of certain products. 

4.Accept and Act Upon Feedback from Customers

Feedback is essential. Choose to act upon the feedback you receive from your consumers, and you won’t be disappointed. The suggestions brought forth by your consumers will help you overcome deficiencies and hence, help you in earning a considerable amount of profit. Your customers may not have a lot to gain from your brand, meaning their comments could help you make changes for the better. On the other hand, feedback is free and doesn’t cost a dime. This is why you should form several sources through which feedback is retrievable. 

5. Form Brand Advocates and Nurture Them

Brand advocates are often your super fans or people who shop with you on a more frequent basis. Therefore, it is essential for you to maintain and nurture them. Moreover, brand advocates may appeal more to an everyday Joe as opposed to A-list celebrities. Brand advocates are regular individuals; however, their influence is not to be understated. They can help promote your business on social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook. 

These days, businesses often send customized packages filled with their products to brand advocates, who then encourage their followers to purchase these products. 

6.Deliver a Phenomenal Customer Experience

Even though this one is pretty obvious, it is still important to note the significance of an astounding customer experience. Initially, you should worry about making an amazing first impression so as to appeal to your customers for a second or third visit. If you succeed in delivering an out of the world experience for a customer, the chances are that they’ll spread the word about your brand without you even knowing. Furthermore, people are more inclined to visit after hearing positive reviews from their friends and family. 

7.  Form an image in the minds of your customers

Lastly, if success is what you desire from your brand, make sure you’ve formed a formidable image in the minds of your customers. For instance, when you think of Apple, you think of safety and reliability.

In this way, the positioning of your brand in the eyes of the consumers is imperative for your success. If you make sure your customers know your worth in the present, you’ll be paving a path for success in the long-run. 


With the level of competition that exists today, you need to do something that sets you apart from the others. There’s no short cut to success. However, basing your brand on a customer-driven strategy and being consistent with your products is bound to help you grow further. Also, make sure you, as a brand, are able to relate more with your consumers. This will help you progress more and more. 

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