8 Ways Workforce Management Can Improve Productivity

One of the secrets of business success is keeping our employees motivated and happy. Employees who feel undervalued and unappreciated tend to be less productive and more costly overall, especially if they decide to leave. That diminished productivity ultimately affects our bottom lines and leaves us wringing our hands when production quotas and profit forecasts aren’t met. Thankfully, one of the easiest and more cost-effective ways to improve employee satisfaction and overall business productivity is through workforce management.

Aspects of Workforce Management

Workforce management is a multi-faceted approach that can be used to optimize our employee utilization and payroll processing and reduce labor costs- all while increasing profitability and product quality. Aspects of an effective workforce management program we might consider include employee scheduling, benefits administration and job performance monitoring. When all these workforce management pieces come seamlessly together it creates a well-oiled business machine that ultimately increases productivity in several ways.


Most of us know how difficult it can be to schedule hourly workers, especially when our lines of communication get crossed. When we get blindsided by employee absences, it can lower productivity and customer satisfaction. To improve efficiency, workforce management can be used as a schedule builder for hourly employees, giving supervisors and workers a simple way to communicate about time off requests and approval.


Payroll management and processing can be time consuming and frustrating. We sometimes overlook pay raises and overtime hours, and feathers get ruffled as a result. Workforce management takes that burden off our shoulders and streamlines the process by keeping all our employees’ direct deposit and compensation information in one location.

New Hires

By keeping all new employee hiring paperwork in one place, we can constantly monitor the status of new hires while performing other onboarding tasks more quickly and efficiently. When we’re in charge of personnel, that extra time can be well spent meeting the needs of tenured employees and acclimating new hires to our culture.

Performance Tracking

An efficient workforce management process not only empowers us to more precisely track

specific details about an employee’s performance, it allows us to make accurate predictions

about future needs in other staffing areas.

Job Skill Matching

All our workers have unique strengths, weaknesses and skills. Unfortunately, many of them also have fragile egos. When we use workforce management tools to maximize worker potential and better deploy highly qualified team members, it does wonders for workplace morale and loyalty. Promoting quality individuals from within our existing ranks as opposed to hiring from the outside typically increases productivity and the company’s bottom line.

Benefits Administration

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just use one database to manage our employees’ raises, bonuses and indirect compensation programs? Well, that day has now arrived thanks-to workforce management solutions. Without having to consult several different sources, we can now access all our employees’ benefit profiles through one dashboard!

Labor Budgeting

Another operational area where a solid workplace management system can help us be more productive is labor budgeting. Planning our monthly or yearly budgets can get a whole lot easier and more accurate when all the records are kept in one location. In addition to that positive, workplace management can help us plan for new projects and analyze our employee numbers to ensure that we’re adequately staffed to meet upcoming expansion needs.

The secret to developing a strong workforce management strategy is finding the best computer software for the job. Whether you’re a general contractor or construction business with 50 employees, or a Fortune 500 company that operates 50 offices, optimizing your team’s efficiency, productivity and performance by choosing the right workforce management software is not only empowering… it’s one of the keys to business success!