A Guide to Setting Up your Own Office Space

If you are a digital nomad and are about to set up your very first business enterprise, you will need a private space from which to manage your business, equipped with a few essential office items.

If your budget is tight, this could be the spare room at home, or you might be able to lease a small room within your local community, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect office space.

  • Essential IT Hardware – You are advised to acquire a decent desktop PC, which will run the color printer and scanner, but failing that, a powerful laptop would do the job, plus this also enables you to work from any location. Of course, it would be ideal to have a desktop PC and a laptop, but just the laptop is more than enough for what you need to do.

    Rather than paying someone to print your paper promotional media, invest in a color printer and create your own leaflets, headed paper, and brochures. If you are looking to buy a printer, choose one with a built-in scanner, which you will find very useful – you can scan all documents and store them electronically, thus eliminating the need for a filing cabinet.
  • Office Supplies – Search online for LG Business Systems, who would have everything you need, and ordering online will save you both time and money. Labels, business cards, pens, paper, and envelopes are all at wholesale prices, so bookmark their site and become a regular customer.

    Exactly what you need very much depends on the type of business you run, and online shopping allows you to browse at your own pace, and should you have to log off for any reason, your items will still be in your cart the next time you log in.
  • Office Furniture – A good CEO type executive office chair is recommended, as you will be spending many hours sitting at your desk, and there’s nothing like a bit of comfort. A good desk is another must-have, and you can find both online, and the Internet allows for easy price comparisons. Even in this digital age, you will still be dealing with paperwork, so a small filing cupboard and a couple of traditional in-out trays would be ideal. A small bin for the corner of the room, essential for those mock-up diagrams that don’t work, plus you will need some task lighting in the form of a pivot desk lamp that can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Internet Connection – Your vital digital link to the outside world, you can either have a landline Wi-Fi system installed, or run your computer from a SIM card, which you can hotspot from your smartphone, allowing all your digital devices connectivity. Again, if you are looking to keep your costs down, all you need is an unlimited Internet access SIM card from one of the major ISP companies. This gives you smartphone access wherever you go, and as you can hotspot your laptop, you can work anywhere at any time, and by making best use of digital platforms like Line and WhatsApp, you can have real-time business communication for a fraction of the cost of telephone costs. Here is an interesting blog that outlines 5 aspects of a successful start-up, which you should read and digest.
  • Décor – You might be thinking décor is not an essential and you can decorate your office at a later date, and while your office décor might not be a priority, it is better to decorate the office when you are setting it up. It doesn’t have to be an expensive renovation, especially if you are the only person using the space. Vertical blinds are ideal, as you have fine control over how much light enters the room, plus you can see without being seen, and with some heavy-duty carpet tiles and a few inspirational business quotes on the walls, you have a great working ambience. Of course, if you are planning to invite potential customers to your office, that would be something else entirely, and you can easily meet up in coffee shops when the time comes for face to face meetings.
  • Unlimited Access – Entrepreneurs do not work to schedules, and if you lease office space in a communal setting, they might not be open all hours. You must be able to work whenever you wish, and any office space that does not give you round-the-clock access should be avoided. Click here for Australian government information on setting up a business.

The ideal office space would be quiet, within reach of your home and have all the facilities you need to conduct your business, and aside from your office set-up, the only thing you need is a stable Internet connection and the basic utilities.

If you have a spare room and your start-up capital is limited, creating a home office is the best solution, and it won’t cost much to prepare the above and then you can set about creating your business empire.

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