Aesthetic Loyalty Programs Explained

Aesthetic procedures can help increase your confidence. Do you know that aesthetic services have a lot to offer to you? We are talking about the loyalty programs that you can sign up with. 

Loyalty rewards programs can provide patients with incentives for extra treatment. In addition, it can also help patients to save money for product units or syringes. Nowadays, more plastic surgeons consider loyalty programs. If you’re not familiar with these loyalty programs, this article will guide you. The following are loyal programs for plastic surgery services. 

Different Loyalty Programs 

Aerolase Customer Loyalty Program 

The Aerolase Customer Loyalty Program is beneficial in offsetting costs related to a private practice’s ownership and operations. The providers can post the testimonials from clients in their service, and the patients will refer the brand to other people on different platforms in social media. As you avail of this loyalty program, you can get points that you can redeem. These points can be used for extra educational training about Aerolase devices, warranties, repair services as well as new technology. 

Aerolase made different financing options during the pandemic to enhance the cash flow among their clients. It includes payment plans that have been deferred. They created marketing programs as well as established a new place for customers’ success. It is a good resource for clients who need knowledge on retaining and attracting patients, what strategies they can use to earn money. It teaches the clients of the company about the latest demands on aesthetic treatment. 

Allergen Allē

The Allē is ready for consumers to track and access their loyalty rewards easily. With their platform, you have a chance to unlock VIP membership known as the ‘A-List.’ It can offer you the following benefits:

  • A-line VIP member support
  • Points that don’t expire
  • Early access to events and offers
  • Gifts

The members of Allē can install the app on their iOS devices. It will also be soon available on Android devices. After the installation, you start to earn points for aesthetic treatment. 

Merz Advantage Loyalty Program 

The loyalty program of Merz can offer products and insights that can help customers. The loyalty program can offer rebates, discounts, and loyalty rewards points awarded to those who patronize the products of Merz. If you make purchases on different product lines, you can get an additional rebate. You can begin earning points on the initial order. 

Meanwhile, this Merz Advantage Loyalty Program was made due to the feedback they get from their customers as well as practitioners who showed their gratitude for the transparent and simple program. 

Synergy Medallion Program 

The Synergy Medallion Program comes with education, strategic marketing, as well as practice-enhancing tools. With this loyalty program, customers can open access to different opportunities like former and after photograph solutions, clinical education and training, social media resources, waiting room marketing tools, comprehensive business evaluation services, and wide-ranging website solutions. 

Customers can enroll in the program by purchasing products through the Synergy portfolio. Each dollar spent can get a qualifying merit for various Medallion Program levels. You can also be eligible for their affiliated Merz Aesthetics MMS loyalty program. 

The loyalty program offers:

  • External marketing 

It includes tools that can boost brand awareness and improve product adoption.

  • Education as well as training 

It can offer you clinical education access, including in-person training and online courses. 

  • Practice strategy 

This can optimize profitability through one-on-one coaching sessions. 

  • Internal marketing 

It provides resources to enhance in-clinic consultations as well as determine new revenue streams.

Synergy Aesthetics aims to widen its relationship with its customers. Additionally, they also want to expand their portfolio of products. They make a more customized approach to support their staff, patients, and profitability. 

Getting Loyalty 

Aesthetic services offer loyalty programs that will benefit you. Allē provides customers to earn points with more than 40 non-Allergan Aesthetics brands and treatments. The points can also be used for Allergan items. 

Allē also let plastic surgery practices check the activity of their patients and see whose points expired at the end of the month. In addition, practice managers can also check the notifications with their program app and connect to their patients to remind them before the expiration of their points. The latest platform of Allē features a check-out procedure that covers the treatments. 

Benefits of Aesthetic Loyalty Programs 

The following are the benefits of aesthetic loyalty programs

Excellent branding opportunity 

One benefit of loyalty programs is that it helps you to portray your brand. It shows your products and services and how customers can benefit from them. So, it can enhance the recognition of your brand. In return, you can have lots of opportunities to grow your business. 

Enhances customer experience 

With the competition in the aesthetics industry, it can be hard to gain the trust and support of your potential customers. Well, loyalty programs can help you with this. Thus, you can have offline and online interactions with them, which can give them a better experience.

Improve customer engagement 

Aesthetic loyalty programs can also increase customer engagement. With this, they can have a more customized experience as they avail of your products and services. You may not know it, but it can also a good way to satisfy their needs and expectations. Once they are satisfied with your service and loyalty programs, they may also refer your brand to their colleagues. 

Customer retention 

Aesthetics loyalty programs can also help to retain your loyal customers. Additionally, it can also encourage new customers to choose your brand.  

Personalized customer experience 

Loyalty programs are also beneficial to improve personalized customer experience. Your customers can get what they need as you work with them. 

Establish personal relationships 

Another advantage of aesthetic loyalty programs is they can help you establish personal relationships. So, you can get more customers to improve the sales and income of your brand. 


There we go, so that is the list of the aesthetics loyalty programs. It can help you to get more customers for your plastic surgery practices. With a loyalty program, you can directly earn points as you make purchases with the companies. 

Do you want to enhance your aesthetic needs? If yes, you can try the best loyalty programs to save more and get more of their service.