Andrew Napolitano’s Media Analysis:

For many people, there is a common understanding of the impact social media has had. As more and more individuals prepare themselves for the holiday season, it’s clear that there is a sense of community around social media and the impact of media in general. Many major corporations like Fox News, are displaying advertisements for gifts to purchase during the holiday season. Major conversions are being produced because of how large the audiences of such news stations are. Now, there are many ways in which to learn more about such impacts. 

Andrew Napolitano, also known as Judge Napolitano, is heavily involved in the media. He was selected after pursuing a career in law and justice to display his knowledge on a more international platform. It’s obvious for many people that the media has changed everyone’s perceptions of day-to-day life. Now, more than ever, people are relying on social media for information. Platforms like Fox News have such a high number of viewers and followers. What started as merely sharing social information now has become one of the largest outlets in the world. Napolitano has served as a liaison for Fox News Business and developed their programs to be more friendly to younger generations. Napolitano pioneered ideas of how to collaborate with younger generations because it makes it so much more impactful if they follow what he discusses. Of course, Napolitano’s topics vary from the economy, finance, law, constitutional matters, and government affairs. He has developed an unimaginable amount of lesson plans for his students as well. 

When Napolitano was younger, he was a professor at Seton Hall Law School, in New Jersey. He helped students find stronger work ethics, collaborate on controversial topics, and prepared them for the reality of the justice system. In addition, he was also a featured professor at Brooklyn Law School, in New York. The magnitude he knows about constitutional law and how it is displayed in common social media algorithms is very impressive. Unlike most, he strives to keep up with the technological changes rather than falling back on more traditional ideals. He is so passionate about keeping an updated log of changes in laws or technol9gy, that he has even written books about them. The following are a list of books he has written in the past ten years; Constitutional Chaos, Lies the Government Told You; Myth, Power, and Deception in American History, The News Person’s Shield Law: A Welcome Acceptance by the Federal Courts of Important State Privilege, Liberty v. Tyranny: A Constant Struggle, A Legal History of National Security Law and Individual Rights in the United States, Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion Of Presidential Powers and The Assault On Civil Liberties, The Freedom Answer Book: How the Government in Taking Away Your Constitutional FreedomsThe Constitution In Exile, Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Your Constitutional Freedoms, Whatever Happened to Freedom of Speech? A defense of ‘State Interest of the Highest Order’ as a Unifying Standard for Erratic First Amendment Jurisprudence, It Is Dangerous to Be Right When The Government Is Wrong: The Case for Personal Freedom, A Nation of Sheep, and Dread Scott’s: A Legal History of Race and Freedom in America.

Judge Napolitano has always been one to keep up wi9th the times and never fail to include social media updates in his recollections. His association with The Hill has also allowed him to expand his knowledge on certain subjects. For many, it’s obvious that he highly enjoys the work he produces. Napolitano always teaches his students about how one must be passionate about their work, especially when they are a lawyer. It can be easy to get discouraged with cases that don’t go the right way, but it’s even more important to stay ahead of the game. With social media transitioning to be a more paramount version of live news, Napolitano urges people to study such trends. It takes time to understand the back end of social media and how entertainment injury has transitioned the world into a technological era. However, lawyers like Napolitano have done a great service in teaching those who are unsure of the impact. Just remember, to always keep a fluid and open mind. Not everything on social media is true hence the large impact it usually possesses. The more a person studies the science being the business, as Napolitano, does, the easier it is to comprehend. For more about, please check out his CrunchBase