Benefits Of Using Metal Credit Cards

An Overview Of The Best Metal Credit Cards

When people think of credit cards, they often refer to them as plastic. However, there are credit cards that are made of metal. These have actually been around for quite some time. In some cases, these are often reserved for those that are wealthy, typically carrying a very large limit or may not even have a limit at all. They are slightly different than plastic credit cards, but they work in the same exact manner. Other than being heavier, flashier, and much sturdier, they provide the same type of benefit. If you are interested in getting metal credit cards instead of the standard plastic ones that you currently have, here are a few tips on how to find the best ones available.

History Of Metal Credit Cards

Although this may be a new term to many people, the concept of credit cards that are made of metal has been around for quite some time. Starting back in the 1920s, they were typically used by those at department stores, but slowly, the banks began to issue credit cards that were made of plastic. 

The most well-known metal cards today include the Centurion card, which comes from the American Express company. It has a more novel name, the Black Card, and is used by most, if not all, of the rich and wealthy.

Different Types of Metal Credit Cards Available Today

There are also credit cards that are made of different types of metal, which include those made of palladium, gold, titanium, brushed stainless steel, copper, and even brass. There are some companies that will mix both plastic and metal just to stand apart from all of the others. 

The popularity of these cards has become much more prominent, though very few are available by comparison to plastic cards, which can be obtained from credit unions and banks worldwide. 

From an aesthetic perspective, metal cards simply look more attractive, especially when consumers pull them out to use them to purchase products or services.

Benefit: The Science And Marketing Behind Metal Credit Cards

The concept of using metal credit cards is actually based on science. Not the science regarding the metal itself, but the science revolving around the mentality of those that use them. 

For some, it is a change in the way they feel about themselves. They understand that very few people have these cards, making them feel more confident. Others may become larger spenders, wanting to use these cards because they know that very few others will be able to. 

All of this is bound into these metal credit cards that are no different than plastic, yet they make a noticeable difference for those who use them.

What Are Some Of The Top Metal Cards

As mentioned before, metal credit cards are made of a wide variety of materials. These can be stainless steel, titanium, and various other alloys. Furthermore, the weight of the cards is noticeable. They can be as heavy as 27 g, which is much higher than the standard 5 g for a regular plastic credit card. 

There are several major banks and lending institutions that offer them to those that can afford to use it. Of course, you must qualify before they will disperse these highly coveted cards to any individual.The top ones include the Chase Sapphire Reserve, the Capital One Venture Reward card, and the American Express Gold Card. Other credit cards include the US Bank. MasterCard or Gold Card, the J.P. Morgan Reserve card, the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant ExpressCard, and the Ritz-Carlton Rewards credit card.

Should You Get A Metal Credit Card?

There are pros and cons to owning and using a credit card that is made of metal. First of all, your spending limits may be extremely high or you may not have any limits at all. The caveat to this benefit is that, with some of them, they must be paid off by the end of the month. If you end up
spending $30,000 in the span of 30 days, you must find a way to pay this large amount off or face penalties. 

Therefore, if you are a big spender, and you have trouble stopping yourself from buying what you want, this would not be the best solution for you. You may want to stick with credit cards that have a much lower amount that do not require monthly payoffs.


Metal credit cards are here to stay. They will always be coveted by those that have money and wish to flaunt the fact that they own one. If you happen to be wealthy, you may want to consider getting one or more of these cards.For those that cannot qualify, it may serve as a form of motivation to improve your financial position in life so that you can have one of these prestigious forms of credit. Regardless of your motivations, if you ever do qualify for a metal credit card, you will own something that very few people in the world are able to use when charging something on credit.


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