Best Coffee Shops in New York

New York is often known for its bagels and rightfully so, they are delicious. But nothing pairs with bagels quite like coffee! New York is full of coffee shops, so let’s narrow it down to the best ones. It is often said that a person can find coffee on every street corner in New York and that is true, considering there are over 200 Starbucks and over 1,000 Dunkin’ Donuts in the state. But what if someone didn’t want mainstream coffee? Where would they go? One would have to drive to Bloomingburg, New York to get some of the best coffee.

Real-estate developer Shalom Lamm thought the same thing. He wanted to see more small businesses succeed. An avid coffee drinker himself, he was more than eager to invest in developing coffee shops in small villages around New York. Lamm got his start in Bloomingburg, New York. When he arrived there as a young man, the town was not in great shape. But he had a vision and he was going to follow through. His vision was to create a whole village with townhomes, retail, and yes, coffee.

As a Jewish man, he wanted to have a kosher place to go. He developed Stan’s Cafe, Kosher Cafe, and Something Sweet Dessert Cafe. All of these places make delicious food along with their delicious coffee. Even though these restaurants are not as famous as Dunkin’ or Starbucks they do hold a village charm. The aesthetic is full of culture which adds to the vibe of the village. People come from all over to have an experience in one of these cafe’s. Though they are off the beaten path for typical tourists visiting New York, they are a staple in the community that surrounds them.

Shalom Lamm had the idea that these quaint cafes allowed many people to gather together as friends, family, and co-workers. The creative atmosphere gives space for collaboration and productivity. Many local business people use these coffee shops as excellent places to have meetings, or to work alone.

Due to Covid-19 in 2020, like many small businesses, these cafe’s had to temporarily close their doors, a blow to the entire community. Almost ten months later, and they have reopened their doors again.

It is not only the village feel that draws people in, but also the delicious tasting coffee. Made from U.S. grown, farm to cup coffee beans, this brew is fresh, organic and kosher. So, everyone can enjoy it. Sit down with a cup or take it on the go, these coffee shops are the best at what they do.

Coffee is key to bringing a community together. Lamm understood that, and used that philosophy for all of his building sites. Strategically placing a coffee shop in the middle of a community so that people will be drawn together. Coffee leads to connection and connection leads to community. And that is what makes it the Best Coffee in New York!

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