Best Printers for Your T-Shirt Business

As technology continues to advance, so does the printer options available for your t-shirt business. From traditional screen prints to applique to the popular digital direct-to-garment technique, those in the t-shirt business must stay abreast of the latest trends to ensure your printing is efficient, effective, and effortless.


If you want to attract and retain customers, you should strive to deliver the best apparel out there.

So, how do you remain at the top of the pack? By making sure you have the best of the best when it comes to a t-shirt printing machine.

Here are our 5 top printer picks based on portability, lifespan, versatility, cost, performance, durability, and size.

Epson F2100

Compared to the GTX from Brother, the Epson F2100 has a much more rectangular-shaped design. At roughly 3’ by 5’, this little powerhouse packs a punch. Standing just over 1.5’ high, this printer was built for benchtop or table usage, so you’ll need to consider location choice when it comes to setting up the machine.

Performance-wise, the F2100 is an extremely polished and very quiet operating machine, meaning it’ll work well whether you install it at your home-based business or within a production environment.

Brother GTX

With a primarily metal exterior, this 4.5’ by 4.25’ printer gives off a much more industrial feel when compared with some of its counterparts. The great thing about this printer is its versatility. While it’s a benchtop or table unit, users can also leverage the custom stand available for this printer.

The stand comes highly recommended as it provides your business with the opportunity to benefit from the open bottom design of the printer. If you plan to consistently operate this machine, the open bottom is ideal for carrying out the humidification process.

Col-Desi (DTG Digital) M2

The Col-Desi is a dual platen printer, giving your business twice the loading power for your t-shirts. While its footprint occupies a space similar to that of the Brother GTX, measuring approximately 4’ by 3’, it dons a much larger shadow with its rectangular shape.

This unit is also a tabletop/benchtop model, requiring the right office or home space to operate. While it’s much quieter than the Brother GTX, the Epson F2100 still has it beat from a sound perspective. This is a good option for businesses that require an extra-large imaging area.

Epson SureColor F570

Say hello to Epson’s debut desktop sublimation printer. With the ability to print up to 24” wide, the Epson F570 is the perfect companion for both large and small sublimation projects. With its high performance and reliable dye-sub printing, your business will love the compact, space-saving design of this printer.

Using PrecisionCore® technology, this Epson will not disappoint when it comes to the quality of your prints. The F570 comes with a number of features designed to streamline workflow and pair seamlessly with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

While not all printers were created equal, there’s a whole host of options on the market that could genuinely enhance the quality of your prints, the speed with which you can deliver your product, and the scalability of your business. Since each printer comes with its own unique set of features, be sure to choose one that satisfies your t-shirt businesses’ unique needs.