Card Machines For Small Business Offer A Glimpse Into The Future

Card machines for small business have long been a liability. In terms of costs and usability, it has not been a good marriage between shop owners and card machines. The main reason?

Well… costs play a big role in this. Besides that, shop owners needed to make sure their software was aligned, resulting in additional processes to be established.

But what if we tell you that card machines for small business are up for a revolution? This was about time! With new technology coming into play, it’s finally time to leverage the smartphone as a key tool.

How smartphones and card machines work together

Smartphones have been around for quite a while now. Unfortunately, the adoption of payment terminals took quite a while. With the emergence of SumUp’s payment terminal, there now is a futuristic terminal available.

How does it work

You can purchase the card machine through the Internet. This already provides one of the many advantages: purchasing cost. These costs are much lower than a traditional payment terminal.

This comes in handy, as it makes the switching costs lower. When the terminal arrives, you can pair it with the designated smartphone application. Now it’s time to handle payments!

You can type the amount into the smartphone and the transaction is send to the machine. The customer can tap his/her card on the machine and the payment is completed. Easy as that! A

nother upside in these challenging covid times: there is limited contact between the owner and the customer and the payment is contactless. With this system the owner can guarantee a safe shopping environment for the customers.

Transactions are always at your disposal

As the transactions are logged in the smartphone app, you will have a good overview of the profits made. Anywhere you go. This makes SumUp’s card reader a very functional and data-savvy machine. You can get insights in your sales and also work towards predictions for the future.

Looking for a card machine for small business?

As becomes clear, the SumUp card machine is a very user-friendly and cost-effective method. The system allows for easy payment handling with low transaction fees.

The design of the terminal is also modern and simple, making it work for any type of restaurant and store that is out there.

Additional features

Besides the use of the payment terminal, shop owners can also conduct business using a payment link. This means that the shop owner can simply type in the amount and show a QR code on the phone or a designated tablet.

The customer can then scan it with their smartphone and pay via their preferred means of payment. A simple yet intuitive method that is safe and contactless. The modularity of these solutions makes it a perfect companion for the coming years ahead!