Category Design

We live in a competitive era and every day different products and services are being launched. Some get successful while some just don’t. Although every company wants to succeed their product or service that doesn’t mean that every product or service they introduce to the world is actually unique and legendary. Generally, every company focuses on two main things before launching its product or service.

  1. Designing a breakthrough product or service
  2. Designing a business model to sell that product or service

Companies hope that the people would get the innovative idea behind the product’s creation, see the value of it and buy it but that doesn’t happen for everything you launch in the world. There are more than a million apps in Apple stores that are based on that exact notion but haven’t got the attention they deserved. We have seen the success of Twitter but at the same time, we have seen the failure of Microsoft Bing that was estimated at $10 billion.

To cope with this problem, these days a new discipline of a business called Category Design has been opted by many new CEOs and product inventors. It doesn’t guarantee successful product launching but it certainly increases the odds of winning. In this discipline, you develop your own niche in a crowded market and educate people on that. The inventors of product or service show their intuitive approaches to the problem and its solution. This way, they are not just educating their potential consumers but also, they are giving them a solution. From a scientific point of view, while launching their products in the market, it is in the company’s interest that you control the narrative of people’s perception regarding your product.

If we look at this discipline closely, you’d know that the elements of this particular thing were always around and many inventors in our past have used them to their advantage, but it got overlooked by many other people. Many people used it to educate people in their own way and this technique proved effective. But in this approach, they just didn’t advertise their product as a solution, but they mentioned how it is going to affect your life and how it can add value in your life. They added another thing which is category design. By saying that, it was obvious that these products were breakthroughs for manufacturing companies, markets and even for people. Technology is one of its prime examples. For decades, scientists have worked their way to educate people about the importance of technology and how it can benefit us in every field of life. And now, it is being used in every field of life and despite many technological breakthroughs, it is still expensive for the majority of people, but they have opted to use it because technology is beneficial for them. Everyone has a smartphone these days and they aren’t cheap. This speaks volumes about how it made its own place in people’s lives despite the competitive challenges.

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