Custom Stainless Steel Profiles You Should Check Out

In the architectural sector, Montanstahl has been active for years in the production and supply of high-quality special steel profiles.

In particular for facades, Montanstahl produces rectangular section uprights, T-profiles, and a wide range of custom stainless steel profiles.

Why should you choose stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a high-quality material, an alloy of steel and chromium (at least 10.5% chromium) with the peculiarity of not being sensitive to corrosion (or just in minimum part)

Used for the first time in many professional sectors such as aeronautics or medicine, stainless steel has conquered our homes in recent years.

Stainless steel has become a trend and can be found in different areas of the house (bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.) for aesthetic and/or functional reasons.

That is why Montanstahl offers its customized stainless steel cutting service to individuals or companies so that everyone can accessorize and customize their interior or exterior according to their wishes.

Stainless steel availability

Customer-designed sections are the ultimate expression of custom design. These stainless steel profiles are ideal for large windows with distant mullions and are mainly used in those parts of the building that require double-height, such as the podium.

They’re made to measure steel or stainless steel. The profiles are designed in close collaboration with the engineers who can define the dimensions and material to meet all structural requirements.

Customized cutting service

Because everyone’s needs are not identical, Montanstahl offers a customized stainless steel cutting service.

The demand for custom-made products is constantly growing and Montanstahl is, therefore, adapting to these market demands by investing in innovative production technologies.

The offer consists of various production technologies with which Montanstahl produces standard and custom stainless steel profiles and shapes.

The choice of the production method for a profile depends on its overall size, complexity, surface finish, tolerance, and batch size required. Each production technology has its own peculiarities and is ideal for specific shapes.

We divide them into hot and cold production technologies, where the heat input is the distinctive factor.

Choice of shapes

You choose the shape, its thickness, finish, and many other details. We adapt our stainless steel cutting technique to your project.

Once validated, your order is sent to the workshop for the production of your stainless steel part.

In addition to cutting your custom stainless steel part, we can provide you with the material needed for assembly (screws, glue, silicone…) and maintenance of the stainless steel, as well as valuable advice to guide you in the realization of your project.

Choice of finish

You have the choice of raw finish, brushed satin stainless steel or mirror stainless steel if you want a finish that is not on the site contact us, together we will find a solution.

KEY ASPECTS of the innovative solutions offered by Montanstahl

  • Customized profiles                    
  • Complex and seamless sections
  • Full and hollow sections
  • High design flexibility
  • Reduced equipment costs
  • Production of both small and large volumes
  • Possibility to make samples

POSSIBLE OUTCOMES of the innovative solutions offered by Montanstahl

  • Different thicknesses within the same section
  • Integration of gasket cavities
  • Cable profiles for lighter structures
  • Cable profiles for facades
  • The surface finish on request

Let us know about your project to get a quote with delivery times. For a better result, send us a plan of your project with the precise dimensions!