Dan Doyle Pleasantville Business Owner Shares 8 Best Photography Marketing Tools

Your photography business is a reflection of yourself and the work you do with your camera. The arrival of the digital era has been both positive and negative in the 21st-century, with the development of social media platforms taking photography into our daily lives. Instagram is an excellent marketing tool for photographers wanting to reach as many potential clients as possible, but not the only one available. The Guardian reports you should work on your online image to help you portray a professional business attitude for your business.

1. Take Advantage of WordPress

Your photography business will need to be well represented online with a professional web presence on different platforms. One platform that many business owners do not take advantage of is WordPress. The WordPress platform is a free one that allows you to create a professional website that includes images, text, and an organized media catalog. Dan Doyle Pleasantville photographer explains the use of free platforms complement the paid services used for marketing. The use of WordPress can add followers to your social media presence and drive business to your official website.

2. Use Your Contacts

As you build your presence as a member of the photography industry, you should meet some of your fellow photographers. The use of your contacts should not be underestimated as a marketing tool. You can ask your contacts if they are willing to be interviewed for your website or social media presence. You can choose to film your interview in a professional setting or record and transcribe your discussion about photography or a related subject. Publishing interviews with your contacts can drive traffic to your site and add to your reputation as an industry expert, according to Magazine Mama.

3. Use a Spellchecker

You may be an expert photographer but are you sure of your ability to write posts and captions effectively. Even if you feel you are an expert writer, you need to make sure you are avoiding basic grammatical errors in your work. The use of a spelling and grammar checker is an important marketing tool if you want to appear professional in every aspect of your online presence.

4. Avoid Slow Performance

Online marketing aims to lift your online presence high up the search engine rankings for customers. Dan Doyle Pleasantville photography expert explains many factors that are affecting your position on the Google search engine rankings, including the speed of your website. If you upload several large images to your website, you will find the speed of loading your page will slow down and leave you struggling to maintain your place at the top of the search rankings.

The choice of a compression tool is a good choice for your business because you can limit the size of the images you upload. Limiting the size of your website will keep your speed high and stop you from dropping down the Google search rankings.

5. Seek out Non-Profit Events

Non-profit groups can be positive for your photography business, with the chance to volunteer your time impressive on many levels. Not only will you find yourself feel good about doing good for your community, but you will also receive free publicity when your images make their way onto local news media and other sites. Making sure your images are accompanied by your credit makes it easy for you to gain online followers for your work. Giving your time at local charitable events can be positive for your photography business. 

6. Use Newsletters

If you want to give your business a boost, you can use email lists to develop your brand and following. The use of email marketing is based on the traditional newsletters that have been used for decades. Email newsletters can be used annually or monthly to keep your contacts up to date on the ways your company is moving forward. Placing a signup box on your website is a simple way of getting your marketing message across to as many customers as possible. 

7. Word of Mouth is Key

Referrals are becoming more important for business owners, whether you are getting these from clients or through reviews. Encouraging your clients to leave positive feedback on your website or social media platforms will drive business to your company and increase sales. If you are hoping to receive positive feedback through your online platforms, you can offer a small discount for those who leave reviews for your business.

8. Use a Giveaway

Special offers and deals are excellent marketing tools, but a giveaway of a free photography session will bring more clients to your business. A giveaway is positive for yourself and your clients when offered to those who have booked a photography session during a specific period because more sessions will be booked in the hope of receiving a free shoot. Your clients will be encouraged to book a shoot if they are getting a free product as part of online promotion.