David Versus Goliath: How A Small Local Business Can Market Online To Compete With Much Larger Companies

The plight of a local small business is having to compete against larger companies that might have enormous budgets or are run by a corporate juggernaut. Digital marketing is imperative for a small business if they want to compete as they might not be able to afford large advertisements or commercials. The right combination of strategy and creativity can help level the playing field in terms of digital marketing. Small companies have a bit more wiggle room to be more creative as often times there are less approvals from management. At a larger company a campaign might need to get the nod from multiple people with one being able to thwart the campaign if they do not like it. The following are tips to allow those small companies to start competing with their digital marketing against business juggernauts. 

Podcasts Take Time But Very Little Budget

The newest trend in online marketing and content in general is that of podcasting. There are podcasts that are done by companies, individuals, and friends that think they have something informative or entertaining to discuss. The podcast is the perfect way to generate a long-form piece of content without having to write it out. This will also keep the attention of those listening as some people click off of an article if they encounter a giant block of poorly formatted text. Transcribing these can save a smaller company money instead of having to hire/pay a writer to generate the content that might not be of high of quality. These podcasts need to have an outline as random ramblings are great but do not generate large numbers of listeners that will return week after week. 

Content That Is Informative And Shareable Can Create Large Numbers Of Backlinks 

A San Antonio Injury Lawyer would best be served by providing content that informs potential clients about processes of the legal system in the state of Texas. Answering questions for potential clients can earn their trust as well as be a great way to showcase knowledge through content. Building this trust as well as creating a great resource can generate a large number of backlinks. A few pieces of content receiving a few backlinks a week can result in large amounts by year’s end. Shareable content can also be revamped that has been published in the past to make it more relevant to today’s world. An SEO company would be able to do this quite a bit on SEO guides as Google changes their algorithm for search results on a regular basis. 

Understand The Importance Of Drumming Up Referrals From Current Customers

Online referrals can be immensely successful for a small business especially if current customers are incentivized in the right ways. This could be a discount or a higher status for a subscription service free of charge. The most important aspect of this is to make customers aware of this. There will be those that take initiative as the rewards are attractive enough to them. For others, there is nothing that can be done within reason to convince them to do this. The low cost per customer acquired can really help boost a company’s cash flow and overall revenue

Convert That Leads Online With A Flawless Website Design 

Bringing people to the company website means the marketing team has had success. Converting these leads into sales depends on quite a few factors pertaining to the company website. A quick checkout process can help increase sales in the case of an ecommerce site. This also has to be coupled with security as a data leak can cripple or shut down a small business. Navigation should also be priority as a visitor shouldn’t have to search for very long to find what they are looking for. An easily navigation starts with a header that helps break up the site into different pages by category or theme. 

Small Things Like A “Meet The Team” Page Can Help Build Rapport

Far too many times companies neglect to make a page that highlights their staff at a smaller business. This section can allow those visiting the website to see the qualifications, education, and experience of those that they might be working with. Listing things like interests can also be a huge way to make the visitor whether they are a current or potential client to get to know the team. Putting a face with a name of a person you had a sales call with can be the little nudge to help close more sales from website leads. Company dogs are also a humorous way to show part of a company’s culture. 

Use the above tips to start closing the gap between a small business and large business with digital marketing. Take the time to assess where money could be invested to yield the best results!