Entrepreneurship in Europe

When a person is looking to start their own businesses there are some challenges that a person is going to need to face. In the United States, there are challenges to entrepreneurship. In Europe, there are also some challenges to entrepreneurship. Shalom Lamm knows some of the struggles entrepreneurs face in Europe and some of the challenges a person has when they are looking to start their own business.

Leaving a Career

Even if a person has not been working at their current job for a long time they are going to have reservations about leaving it. They have trained in some form for this job and they are making a paycheck. Giving up this steady paycheck can be scary. Most people cannot leave their full-time job for a risk. Some people begin starting their own company after hours. They may work during the evenings, weekends, and other times off. If a person wants to be successful they are going to need to quit their regular job. Before doing this a person should do their best to build up a savings account. They should also develop a business plan so they know what they are going and will have a good chance for success.


Starting a business is going to make some money. Most people that are new to the idea of entrepreneurship struggle to find the finances to get their business started and keep it going. They may need to take out loans or use any money they have in savings. They should research all of the funding options to find the plan that works out best for them and a plan that they will be able to repay.

Management Skills

If a person is going to have employees managing these employees can be stressful. They need to find qualified people that will fit the roles they are looking for and people that are dependable. They need people that are going to actually work. It may be difficult to keep them motivated and have them fit into the idea of their business. This can be difficult especially if a person is under a lot of pressure. A person should look for ways to find management experience or take some management classes so they will have a better start.


A person may have a vision for their business but they need to learn how to put this vision into motion. A person will need to learn how to make a plan for their business. They need to look at how they are going to handle things such as marketing, bookkeeping, inventory, and working with the customers. A person may have a good idea but they need to look at all areas of business and make a plan.

These are some challenges that new entrepreneurs often face. A person needs to have a solid business plan so they can better manage their business and increase the chance of it being successful.

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