Five Tips Good Leaders Need To Succeed Today

Whether a leader is made or born has been a long-standing debate for many years now with lots of research papers and articles on this topic.

Opinions as very much divided in this matter, but there is common ground when it comes to leadership. And that common ground is your success as a leader, which comes through constant growth.

If you are leading a team, you need to know not just what skills to have, but also how to make those skills grow and get to master them right. Through the process of both teaching and learning, and also observation, you can become a leader and improve that skill.

There are a few tips for a good leader to succeed, according to an article published by Kindred Group.

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Here are the five tips for being a modern leader, according to Marjo Käyhkö, Software Development Manager at Kindred Group:

Create a strong team spirit. Bill Gates used to say that “in the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

Each member of the team must feel important, and a good leader has to make every team member feel that way. Because if a coworker does not feel like belonging to the team, he or she may not give the full potential to the team.

“I have said no to incredibly sharp developers because their inability to work in groups would create problems”, says Marjo.

Give the group space to grow. A good manager has to get to know the members of the team and help them nurture their strengths. This, along with setting individual goals, will contribute to their development.

J.F. Kennedy said that “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”.

“Supporting and encouraging everyone in the group as an individual requires continual effort from you as a manager. But only then can you get the best out of everyone”, Marjo explains.

Lose the ego and dare to change. One American politician said a few years ago that “We live in a society obsessed with public opinion. But leadership has never been about popularity.”

Indeed, leaders have to work more on improving and changing every day rather than sticking to one’s ego. And in most cases change follows the better and better ideas.

“As a manager, you have to let go of your ego and show you can be wrong; that you are open to learning from those around you”, Marjo admits.

Create diversity in the group. Diverse ideas, approaches, methods and experiences are always welcomed in the team, because they are the foundation for development and growth. And that’s what more diversity in the group brings.

Looking at the challenges and their solutions in the same way may work for a short time, but to go far you will need continuous diversity. Also, in this matter you need to recruit more people from abroad and more women, as Marjo says:

“For women, changing jobs is always a risk, because we don’t know what the situation will be at the next job. Women must dare to feel that it’s worth taking the risk”

Create a safe work environment. A leader must be sure that the work environment helps the employees feel secure, so that their concentration and creativity are high.

Marjo says that, as a manager, one has to be able to tackle any rumors or insecurity concerns: “If you sense worry among your team, be proactive and address their concerns”.

Being a leader is neither or hard, is what you make of it working every day, so that growth follows. As Michael Jordan said, “Earn your leadership every day.”