Get the Best Sleep Possible with the Easy Breather Pillow by Nest Bedding

Though the pillow is something that we don’t often think about replacing all that often, the National Sleep Foundation recommends swapping out your old pillow for a new one once a year. While pillows offer you a place of plush and cushiony goodness for you to lay your head on every night. They also become the final resting place for a myriad of different germs we do not even stop to think about because they are our own. Our pillows absorb body oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities escaping our face and head when we are sleeping. 

If you’re ready to ditch your old pillow, there’s a wealth of quality options for you to explore. The Easy Breather Pillow by Nest Beddingis a top-notch contender. Below are some reasons why Nest’s latest creation is so highly sought-after.

The Soft, Smooth Cover

Delicately encased in an eco-friendly blended cover, the Nest Easy Breather Pillow delivers unmatched comfort. In addition to being incredibly soft, the cover is also highly luxurious. Ideal for those who get warm while they sleep, the Nest Easy Breather Pillow keeps you cool with its breathable design. What’s more, the cover’s material is so smooth that you can feel it through a pillow protector.

Stuffed With Supportive Foam

Bid farewell to neck and back pain when you opt for the Easy Breather Pillow. Filled to the brim with certified foam living next to smooth fibers, the Easy Breather Pillow offers a person optimal support. As the fibers and foam combine, they create one bolstering cushion that’s second to none other. 

Fortunately, Nest Bedding has found a way to master the art of creating a supportive pillow that’s not too firm or unforgiving. In essence, the Easy Breather Pillow is flexible and adaptable enough to provide both relief and assistance to the very same head at the very same time.


Not all pillow needs are created equal. While some people require a dense pillow, others prefer far less stuffing. Nest Bedding has accounted for various wants and preferences, which is why their Easy Breather Pillow is suitable for all. If you decide that the fibers and foam are too much, you can remove the innards. If your pillow becomes flat, you can always restuff it later on. Nest purposely overstuffs their pillows so that users can modify them to their liking. For added customization, the Easy Breather Pillow comes in various sizes, ranging from junior to king options.


Given its many features and flexibility, you would assume that the Easy Breather Pillow comes with a high price tag. 

However, Nest offers competitive rates, which is why their brand is preferred. Compared to its competitors, the Easy Breather Pillow is exceptionally affordable. For just shy of $100, you can experience all the wonders that the Nest Easy Breather Pillow promises.

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