Great Partnering Opportunities in the Hotel Industry

If you run a small boutique hotel and are feeling the pinch of the global Covid-19 pandemic, you might want to consider a partnership with a well-known hotel group, which would bring many benefits. Having the awesome power of a global hotel chain in your corner will certainly put your venue on the map, and there are such partnerships out there if you know where to look.

Take Advantage of a Global Infrastructure

If you join forces with an organisation such as Best Western Partners, they have a fantastic global infrastructure in place, which will empower you in so many ways, and with their seal of approval, your hotel or resort will develop a reputation. You can enter into a management agreement or become a franchisee, which means your venue would be transformed to fit in with the main concept, and if you would like to learn more about such an interesting partnership, search for their website, which would have all the details of the many ways that you can join forces with a leading upmarket hotel and resort group.

Management Contract

When you join forces with a leading hotel and resort group, they take care of everything from the pre-opening alterations to the successful management strategies that are tried and trusted. The group would have a global marketing team that will put your business on the map, indeed, you would have access to lots of resources, such as:

  • International sales & marketing
  • Revenue management
  • IT solutions
  • Quality assurance
  • HR & staff training

With a top hotel and resort group running your business, you can be sure of success, as you are part of a global success story. This allows you to focus on other business interests, knowing that your hotel is in good hands and will continue to generate a revenue, and with 100% transparency, you are always up to date. Your website might not be performing as it should, and if this is the case, here is a great article that highlights how to turn website enquiries into sales, which makes for an informative read.

Franchise Contract

If you decide to go into partnership with a globally recognised hotel & resort group, they will employ their unique branding and transform your hotel into a stylish and elegant place that people will enjoy when they come to stay. Of course, with a franchise, you are very much putting the main franchiser in control and they have a proven track record in the industry and your business will receive all the benefits that being part of a winning team brings. The business will be automatically streamlined, and with a winning management team, every aspect of your hotel or resort will be guided by the best in the business. Click here for more information about global franchises from the governing body.

Every Aspect of Support

When you join forces with a global leader, you can expect to have every aspect of your business reviewed and amended to fall in line with the already successful formula that took years to develop. Adopting a success formula virtually assures a winning combination and the professionals are always happy to share their trade secrets will others in the group.

Hotel Design

Once you join a worldwide chain of hotels and resorts, you can make good use of the in-house team of hotel designers who can turn your premises into something special. The group would have a set of design features and one of those would be an ideal match for your premises, and using industry professionals, the alterations can be carried out with the minimum of delay.

Global Marketing Strategies

Sales & marketing services are available to all group members and having a team of industry professionals working to market your business, you can be sure of excellent branding. They are always running effective initiatives that reach the right groups of people, those who are in the market for top quality hotel and resort accommodation, and before long, you would see the dividends of a global marketing initiative.

Host of Globally Recognised Brands

An established hotel & resort group like Best Western has many boutique brands, each with its own inimitable style, and there will be at least one that fits in with your concept. If you would like to learn more about these services, search online for an established provider of hotel & resort management services and they will show you the many services they offer small hotels and resorts. Once you have found the information you need, the provider would be happy to take a look at your establishment with a view top offering management or franchise services.

If the current Covid-19 pandemic has had disastrous results for your hotel, perhaps now is the time to join forces with a global leader, an organisation that knows where it is going, and no matter the type of hotel or resort, the management team would have all the solutions.