How Businesses Are Handling the Covid-19 Pandemic

We all know the economic havoc that the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked in the last two years and despite a portion of small business having to fold, the majority have managed to survive, thanks to digital solutions. A large number of people now work from home in order to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection, using VoIP applications such as Zoom and Skype and email for sending finished assignments, while the birth of ‘telehealth’ has revolutionised the healthcare sector.

Essential Business Services

If we look at the #1 virtual team building company in Singapore, we can see that they offer a wide range of services in a digital format; just because we must avoid meeting face to face, doesn’t mean we can’t carry out team-building activities and business consultancy. The powerful Zoom application offers the user file sharing and communal whiteboard features, as well as an audio and video connection with each participant. Having the ability to connect with key team players in a virtual manner is a very powerful tool and without it, many major projects would not get off the ground. High-speed broadband allows real-time communication across continents and if all the participants set their alarm clocks, everyone can interact in real time.

Management Solutions

It is normal now for a business executive to have a video conference with a client or colleague and with the 5G rollout and the Internet of Things, global communication empowers business people. Upper management can have long video calls with their under-managers, regardless of their physical location, while major projects that require the input of professionals from various locations can be managed effectively with regular video meetings.

Keeping in Touch with Clients

Even though we can’t meet up once in a while, we can still have a weekly Zoom call with our major clients, plus they have your email address and can request a Zoom call at any time. Support services can also be handled in a virtual environment, with support engineers spending a lot of time talking to customers and offering service solutions.

Ordering Online

Every company would now offer online ordering, indeed, many businesses made the switch to e-commerce before the pandemic emerged. This is great for the consumer, who can order anything via the Internet, while comparing prices has never been easier; a quick Google search is all it takes to find the cheapest prices. Click here for tips on how to strengthen your company’s IT infrastructure, which is essential for future development.

Working from Home

Many companies have given their employees the freedom to work from home; with managers assigning work via a Zoom call in the mornings and the worker sends the finished work to the office via email. This means the employee has to plan their time efficiently, plus the time they save by not having to travel can also mean more productivity. Employees in general are very responsible when working from home and they manage to fit their work into their home life, while keeping in touch with their boss via a daily Zoom call.

Digital Marketing

For small businesses that don’t have a strong online profile, there are affordable digital marketing services and if you are prepared to invest in SEO services, the provider can effectively drive traffic to your landing page. While traditional marketing avenues might no longer be available, a leading SEO agency can help you generate a large social media following and they can optimise your website for Google searches.

Design Services

This is one sector that has not been affected by the pandemic so much, as the designers communicate with their clients via video conferencing and can send and receive files. Many freelance designers can work from any geographical location, providing they have their digital device and a stable Internet connection and when the finished files are ready, they can be sent to the client by email.

Social Distancing Measures

Whether in a retail environment or simply receiving visitors to the workplace, it is important to make essential PPE available, along with informational signage to help customers understand the rules. People are generally very compliant with mask wearing and cleaning their hands and if we all work together, we can protect ourselves until we gain herd immunity. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the workplace is safe and hygienic and let’s not forget that the local authority can inspect a business premises without warning, so we need to be fully compliant.

The business sectors that can make the adjustment to online solutions have done so and with the rollout of 5G and the Internet of Things, the future of e-commerce looks rosy.