How Can SEO, Video, and Strategic Moves Help to Sustain a Business?

There is a story of an American recession and a car dealership that struggled to sell the latest models. They sat on the dealer’s lot and few people visited.

The way the dealership solved the problem of declining sales was to figure out where the wealthy people hung out (golf clubs) and then to drive some vehicles over to where they were. They then offered free test drives to wealthy members of the golf club.

Subsequently, as the story goes (sourced from The Success Principles by Jack Canfield), sales went through the roof. The dealership ended up selling more than they did in a good economy.

Turning our attention to your startup or small business, how can you best sustain it in a challenging economic situation? Innovation not stagnation, is key.

Using Video Production to Drive Website Visitors

Much of the growth in search and activity online is going into video, not articles.

As the number of publishers of video content expands, so has the expectation of the audience for higher production values. This is difficult for one-person operations to deliver on but not small businesses with a team of people.

For small businesses willing to put themselves out there, video represents a huge growth opportunity right now. People are consuming a greater amount of video content than ever before.

Simply put, companies that fail to embrace this marketing opportunity are restricting their growth and losing a chance to build their brand in the eyes of their potential customers.

Playing the Long Game with SEO

Search engine optimization is no longer a strategy that’s expected to bear fruit in a few weeks. It’s playing the long game. Or, at least, 3 to 12 months depending on the history of the site and what is trying to be achieved.

A sustained and carefully orchestrated SEO marketing plan isn’t something you should develop on your own or overnight. It requires careful review, planning strategy, and making realistic plans about what to expect and in what timeframe.

To get the best results from an innovative strategy, it’s best to hire a Las Vegas SEO agency that’s clued into what works today.

They can provide the experience and know-how to craft an appropriate plan for your SEO to deliver meaningful results.

Pay-per-click Advertising to Drive Immediate Traffic

If you have a product to shift or a service that’s launching to established market demand, then this is a great situation to employ pay-per-click advertising to get visitors to a landing page.

We make the point of the market being verified and established first because trying to market to cold customers who not only don’t understand the offer too well.

But don’t even know whether they either want or need it, it’s going to be an uphill battle all the way.

However, when your market research is on-point and you’re ready to grow, then marketing directly makes sense to build momentum at a crucial time.

While it may have been possible to get this far in the business by making things up as you went along, that doesn’t continue to work successfully beyond a certain size.

A stronger game must be played to get healthier, sustainable outcomes for the long-term.