How Magicians Are Sustaining Themselves During Covid-19

Covid 19 has been a time period where many people have lost their jobs, and their sense of financial stability. It has been a rough period trying to navigate this virus while also trying to maintain afloat from all of the bills that never end. For many people, losing their job meant losing a big part of them. With this happening, many performers have had to navigate different options in order to maintain their financial stability. Former magicians like Alexander Djerassi, admire those who pursue this career. One of the people who are mainly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic are magical performers.

Magicians rely for the most part on their performances in order to make the money. Since a lot of performances had to be canceled because of the virus, many of these performers were not able to get paid and continue to perform at certain venues. This caused a lot of financial damage on their financial stability in their financial structure. For the most part, many of these performers and magicians have had to rely on other streams of income in order to survive. In a recent research study that was done, they concluded that these performers were part of the group of people who had it very rough during this pandemic. Most of their shows require human interaction and this pandemic was not allowing that to happen.

Since many of the shows had to be canceled, many people were requesting to get their money back. However, there were a good amount of people who decided to donate their money that was spent on their ticket to help support these performers. This is the way that some of these performers have been able to get by. These donations were extremely helpful to them because the majority of the audience was requesting to get their money back.

Another way that these performers have been able to get by is by having virtual shows during the lockdown. Since this is their job, it is important for them to keep on performing some way and some home. The best way to perform during the lockdown has been through a virtual performance. A virtual performance allows these performers to be able to keep their job and maintain this a stream of income. During these shows, these performers can show off their magic tricks and help others learn magic tricks as well. This can be a great way to keep their audience engaged even though it is through a screen.

If children are present in the show, they can also interact through the screen to make the show much more enjoyable. There have been some school who have hired these magical performers to help entertain the children during these hard times. This is a win win situation for the children as well as for the performers because as long as they are perfoming, they are able to keep making some money. Alexander Djerassi understands how impactful COVID-19 hasd been on magicians and likes to support local shows. The virus has defintely caused a lot of chaos in this world, but helping each other out makes everything easier.