How Micro-Influencers Can Grow Your Business

Even if you are familiar with the idea of social media influencers, you may make the mistake of believing that this is something that only large brands can use. Also, you could attribute influencers to those individuals with millions of followers. However, that’s not always the case.

Instead, I want to draw your attention to something called micro-influencers. You may want to then know how these individuals can help grow your business.

How Does An Influencer Work?

An influencer is someone with a social media presence that has a significant number of followers. They are important for your business thanks to the audience that surrounds them. This is an audience that you can harness under the right conditions.

You must remember that even a micro-influencer has some power over their follower. The people that subscribe to their channels or profiles look to them for inspiration and advice on a whole host of things. An influencer will then open you up to a certain market, and you can see the advantage of doing such a thing.

What Size Is A Micro-Influencer?

As I said at the outset, people often associate influencers with millions of followers. Strictly speaking, a micro-influencer is someone with less than 10,000 followers. In saying that, the potential impact that they can have is amazing.

Finding The Right Micro-Influencer

With them only requiring a few thousand followers, it does mean that you have a huge number of micro-influencers to choose from. However, don’t go for anybody. Also, do ignore the number of followers as there are other important factors to take into account.

When you find someone of interest, look at their posts and see if people are interacting. If their posts are dead, then this is an individual to avoid.

At the same time, you must understand their audience and how it fits into your target market. There’s no point working with a micro-influencer if their demographic doesn’t fit in with your own.

In other words, do your research before making contact with a micro-influencer.

How They Will Help

So, let’s break down how they will help you to grow your business insurance. There is the entire thing about a target market and using their audience to your advantage. People already trust and value what they say. If they then recommend whatever it is that you are doing, then this puts you in a good position.

Of course, they will charge you for mentioning what you do, sharing a Tweet, posting a picture and so on. The good thing is that they charge less than those with more followers or subscribers, so you may get a bargain. The rates of micro-influencers do vary a great deal.

As well as paying them cash for working with you, there’s also the option of providing them with some kind of gift. Some businesses will combine both options especially with those that have a very targeted market that is perfect for their business.

The Collaboration Aspect

When working with a micro-influencer, each thing you do is referred to as a campaign. However, you must look at discussing the campaign with the influencer because of the way in which they know their audience.

They are aware of the kind of approach that works with the people that follow them. They know the tone of marketing that gets better results. Merely telling them what to do and then hoping for the best is not the correct way of going about all of this.

Running Your Campaign

So, let’s say you have selected your micro-influencer and feel that they do indeed have the perfect audience. You then need to run your campaign. After discussing things with the influencer and getting to grips with their own audience, you are then in a position to better judge the impact that they have on your business.

The best part of using this marketing approach is that you don’t have to keep on checking back to see how something is doing. Instead, you can focus on the new leads or sales that happen thanks to the influencer or even coping with the increased awareness of your business.

Compare this to other marketing options where you need to assess how it’s performing. If you track your links and where visitors come from, then you can easily see how effective your campaign with the influencer has been.

So, the way in which a micro-influencer can help you grow your business is by providing you with a platform to market yourself to a very specific audience. Their followers trust them and what they say, so you are trying to jump on that bandwagon whenever possible. In this day and age, the prospect of ignoring potential marketing options with even a micro-influencer is not something that you should ever entertain.

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