How The Flooring In Your Business Can Actually Affect Its Success

It is constantly overlooked, but the choice of flooring for your business, can be a very significant decision. Once potential customers come into your place of business, they will immediately make up their minds about what kind of company you are, and what kind of service that you offer, based on your choice of floor covering. I know this sounds very superficial, but it’s true. People make their minds up about anyone or anything, within the first few minutes, and so this might be your only chance to impress them, and convince them that you are worthy of their business.

Decisions, decisions.

You also need to consider the amount of footfall that your business is likely to experience, and you need to base your floor choice based on this. It’s no good choosing flooring that is cheap and affordable, if you have to rip it up again in six months, because it just isn’t strong enough. There are really just two choices when it comes to a floor that is going to be hard wearing and easy to maintain. You can find both these floor choices here at and there, you can decide whether you want to choose to go with ceramic tiles, or a natural stone floor. The following should hopefully help you to make up your mind.

  1. Natural stone – Natural stone has a lot to offer any business, and if you’re trying to create a reception area, or a shop floor, that is attractive and draws customers into your store, then natural stone is an excellent choice. It is incredibly strong and durable, and it can handle a lot of customers and staff walking across it on a daily basis. The natural stone is resistant to scratches and abrasions that might be caused by customer footwear. It is one of the most beautiful flooring options out there, and it actually looks better with time and use. In the event your business is in its infancy, here are a few great digital marketing strategies that are proven to work.
  • Ceramic tile – Ceramic tile is incredibly affordable, and yet it is very strong. It is also very suitable for areas that might get wet, and they are especially useful in places like the staff kitchen and toilets. There are so many different colours, patterns, and styles to choose from, that will match the decor of any business. It is also very easy to maintain, and a quick clean with a mop and some detergent, will have the whole area looking brand-new again. In the event that a tile gets cracked, you just have to remove that one, and then replace. You don’t have to pull up the whole floor, like you would with carpet or linoleum. Here is a government link to hygiene in the workplace, which is always important.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles – Known as LVT in the trade, luxury vinyl tiles are ideal for those who love the look and feel of real timer or stone but have a limited budget. Vinyl is incredibly hardwearing and is ideal for wet environments and the list of finishes is indeed long, with many variations of timber, stone and slate designs, and with cork backing, the flooring offers a silent walking experience. The great benefit of tiles flooring is if you suffer a spillage, you can simply replace the damaged tiles, rather than having to replace the entire floor.
  • Solid Timber Flooring – Yes it is expensive, but if you want the very best flooring for your retail business, a solid timber floor will last a lifetime. Of course, there are quite a few timber species that are ideal for commercial flooring – oak, mahogany, jarrah and many others – and with the right care and attention, a solid wood floor is an ideal choice.

These are your 4 best choices, and so it all boils down to your individual taste, and your available budget. Deciding to go with ceramic tiles will mean less cash outlay now, but going with natural stone would mean that once the floor is down, it’s there for good, and it will last you a lifetime. Luxury vinyl tiles offer great value for money and are extremely durable, and if you have the budget, a solid timber floor would certainly be a major feature. Whatever you decide, make sure that the flooring is installed by a qualified team, and if you would like a few quotes from established flooring contractors, an online search is all it takes to contact providers. An established flooring company would offer a lasting warranty on all work carried out, which gives you peace of mind. It is your choice, so choose wisely.