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How to Determine Which POS System to Use in Your Bar

A Point of Sale (POS) is an essential component for any type of business that deals directly with the general public. It’s estimated that 29% of companies will begin upgrading their POS systems in the next twelve months.

As a bar, a modern POS system can streamline your business. Through processing sales at lightning speed and with the maximum of accuracy and security, you can greatly upgrade the performance of your business.

But what should you be looking for in a bar POS system?

Look for Speed and Efficiency

You want your staff to be spending time on providing a unique customer experience, not bookkeeping. Any POS system should allow your staff to take payments with speed and efficiency.

In other words, they should be able to take payments and open tabs with lightning speed. The best POS systems can allow employees to do this with just a couple of clicks.

Can Your POS Terminal Take Different Payment Types?

An increasing number of consumers are now using mobile wallets and credit cards to pay. It’s estimated that by 2025, 75% of transactions will be cashless.

Your POS terminal must have the capacity to handle different types of payment. It shouldn’t be difficult to switch between payment types.

Offering different types of payment through your POS terminal doesn’t just make your life easier it also acts as a selling point for your bar.

Is it Easy to Train Your Employees?

The best POS terminals are the ones employees can learn how to use in a matter of minutes. Your POS system shouldn’t be difficult to use.

In an industry where temporary workers are common, you don’t want to spend weeks on employee training. You want them to get up and running as soon as possible.

Contingency Plans for Service Interruptions

Many bars require an Internet connection for their POS terminals to function. In the event of an outage, you don’t want to have to start writing down transactions manually and managing your takings in an insecure manner.

Look for a POS terminal that can handle outages. The latest POS systems can operate both online and offline seamlessly.

Don’t put the future of your business on a working Internet connection.

Be Mobile

Modern POS solutions shouldn’t be static. Customers don’t want to have to make their way to the bar to take payment, nor do your employees want to hold multiple transactions in their heads.

Get a POS solution with the capacity to take payments on the move. Have a fully synchronized network, so your staff can take payments at a table or on the terrace.

It’s all part of improving conditions for your workers and boosting the customer experience.

Last Word – Test Out Different POS Terminals

Don’t be afraid to ask whether you’re able to try out a POS terminal before you commit. Most reputable providers would love to provide you with a demo.

Try out multiple solutions so you can find the right POS for you.

Have you implemented a POS terminal in your bar yet?