How to Engage the Right Market for Your Business

When you think about the world’s most popular website, what comes to mind? We are pretty sure that you have a single website on your mind right now as you think of the times you didn’t have the answer to a question, you know where to go on your browser. Or how about the time when you heard a really cool song in the pub and all you remember are a few words from the lyrics? You go to your browser, open up that website, type in the lyrics you remember and click the word search. There’s no argument that Google is the top of mind website people go to for answers. In fact, it is the most visited website on the internet – reaching daily interactions from 3.5 billion users! That’s why advertising on Google can bring in great opportunities for your brand and business. It may come with a price, but you would surely get your money’s worth with the returns you will gain. This is the reason why more and more businesses have opted to invest huge sums of their marketing budgets on Google Ads placements.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

There are marketing and advertising strategies that you pay for that you don’t always get to see returns from. Sometimes, you pay to boost ads, put up billboards or signs, but at the end of the day, no traffic will be brought to your business. By month’s end, all you have on your financial statements are expenses without any sales to back it up or show for. What’s great about investing on Google Ads is that they have a Pay per Click (PPC) scheme that would allow advertisers to get their money’s worth. What this means is that you, as advertisers, would only pay for fees should a visitor click on your linked advertisement. You only pay Google, when your ads actually work and reach its intended market. You could also set a daily budget you’re comfortable with that would correspond to the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click on the ad.

Target Your Specific Market

With Google Ads, you would be able to design your ads specifically for your target market. People who type in searches relating to your brand as well as the services and products that you offer would automatically be targeted with your advertisement. This also gives a higher chance of converting the clicked advertisement into a sale because it gives customers the ease of looking for something then conveniently finding it off of the internet and have it readily available for purchase with just a few taps on their mobile phones or click on their laptops and computers.

Targeting can also be done with the use of specific keywords to allow you to look for people with the similar interests and online behaviour. Using the right keywords would also help your ads to be more relevant to the searched keywords of your potential customers. Compared to other advertising strategies, Google’s is more targeted and niche so that each ad placement and click would be more valuable than ever.

Growth that Matters

Having advertisement placements on Google will give you the freedom and flexibility to dictate your end-game results for the ads you pay for. Meaning, should you want to drive more visitors and sales on your e-commerce websites, your placed ads would do just that. If you want to target getting more customer engagements by receiving phone calls and inquiries, Google Ads can feature your phone number with a click-to-call feature – making it easy for customers to reach out. How about bringing more foot traffic to your actual store sites? Google Ads have location tags that would allow customers to locate branches for them to visit. What’s great about it is that Google also has the location of the customers who are in search for your services or products and can direct them to the nearest branch.

Smart and Relevant Advertising

Ads should not only be significant to you as a brand but it should also be significant to your targeted consumers. Ads that matter both to building business identity and at the same time to customer recognition and engagement are the type of ads that would be clicked by highly potential customers. These types of customers would be able to add value to your business, so as long as you build valued relationships and connections with them. With Google Ads placement, you would also have the support and expertise of Google Ads specialists so that your ads would continuously improve and remain to be smart and relevant to your target market. You’re not only paying them money for ad placements, but in reality, you are actually building a partnership with them that will benefit your business greatly.