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How to Help Drive Up Patient Numbers Without Sacrificing Quality of Care at Your Dental Practice

The dental industry has adjusted seamlessly to the world of the pandemic. The focus becomes driving up patient numbers without impacting the safety of visiting your dental practice. Driving patient numbers up is going to take a variety of tactics that need to be implemented. The best way to do this is to keep perfect patient retention but patients will be lost due to moving and other reasons. A dental practice that books all of its appointments for the week can look into expanding or offering new services. The following are tips to help increase patient numbers while maintaining quality care at your dental practice.

Extra Staff Never Hurts

Having a few extra members of staff on busier days can provide the personal touch all patients look for. This could even be a person on the phones at all times. You do not want to lose a potential long-term patient due to the phones being tied up. People might have a few numbers in front of them and could just simply go to the next one on their list. Booking online appointments is something that is an option although a deposit will be required for new patients to ensure they show up to the appointment.

Serving People of All Ages is Important

A family dentist is perfect for the busy family as multiple members can have their teeth cleaned simultaneously. Finding a Fuquay family dentist will rely heavily on search engines. Make sure that the website includes all the ages that you serve. Children that do not move out of the area when they get out of high school will likely use the same dentist. A majority of people do not like change and will not change their dentist unless they are given reason to. Expand your patient-base simply by offering dental services for the entire family.

A Focus on Digital Marketing

Focusing on digital marketing is imperative especially if your practice is located in an area saturated by dental practices. Showing up first on the search engines can work wonders for organic website traffic that will lead to new patient appointments. Content for the website is also important like topics on dealing with anxiety related to the dentist. This is a common problem that people search for online which can lead them to the website.

Get Involved With a Local Charity/Cause/Event

The local community is important to attract and expose the practice to. Sponsoring an event or making a donation to a local cause can really win the favor of locals. Giving out discounts for cleanings at a charity run is a great example. Take the time to create a list of events and causes in the local area to see which would be the best fit. Traditional marketing tactics like creation of magnets, pens, and t-shirts still work but do not have the same ROI as in the past.

Drive up your patient numbers and watch overall revenue grow. Do this year after year and your practice will become a staple of the local community for years to come.

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