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How to Leverage Your Business Data with Power BI

In a competitive business market, companies are always looking for an edge on others in their industry. Almost 10,000 companies currently use Power BI to leverage their business data. But just what does this mean, and what makes Power BI a strong option?

The Importance of Leveraging Business Data

Business data comes in all different forms, from sales figures to website traffic. Being able to measure this data can help you understand how successful your business is and what is helping drive your success. By analyzing trends in this data, you can also work out ways to improve your business. This is how you ‘leverage’ your data.

Only by leveraging data can you compete with other successful businesses. Using data, you can take calculated business decisions rather than relying on trial and error. These calculated decisions could enable you to boost productivity, increase the quality of your work, and maximize profits.

How Power BI Can Help

In order to leverage data effectively, you need the right tools. Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that provides all of these tools – it essentially serves as the ultimate data analytics tool kit. Below are some of the ways in which Power BI can help.

Easy Integration

Many businesses have their data spread out over a variety of programs and online platforms. Power BI allows you to access all of this data in one place so that it can be easily cross-referenced. Data from Salesforce, QuickBooks Online and Google Analytics can all be viewed in the same place. This can make leveraging data faster and easier.

Clear Visualization

When you use Power BI, you eliminate the need to hire an analytics expert. This service makes analytics easy by clearly visualizing it in a way that you can understand. There’s no need for coding complex algorithms. Power BI does all the analytics work for you.

Vast Data Handling

You also don’t have to worry about juggling large amounts of data when using Power BI. A unique feature of Power BI is its ‘power’ to store and compress vast amounts of data. By doing so, you can analyze this data much more quickly and efficiently.

Sharing Options

Need to share data with a colleague or advisor? Power BI is cloud-based – which makes it easy to share data with anyone around the world with secure access. By allowing multiple people to access the same data remotely, you can make remote collaboration much more effective.

Mobile Accessibility

You can also access Power BI via an app. If you’re out of the office, you can quickly access analytics reports on your phone so that you’re always up-to-speed with how your business is doing. In today’s smartphone-centric world, such technology has never been more important.

Is Power BI the Best Service For Me?

Power BI is a useful service for any business wanting to better make use of its data. Its standout feature is its ability to store and process huge amounts of data. If your business currently records large amounts of data, this could be the best service for you.

A key benefit of Power BI is its intuitiveness. It’s easier to use than data features on Microsoft Excel – while also being a whole lot more powerful. If you’re not a data scientist, you’ll likely appreciate how simple it is to manage data using this platform.

To better understand what Power BI can achieve for your business, bring in professionals. iTology, a Chickasha IT provider, recommends talking to a Microsoft product consultant. Every business has its unique goals and processes, so by talking to an IT company that knows and sets up Microsoft software systems, you can get personalized advice.

More Information About Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics service owned by Microsoft. If you already use Microsoft services such as Azure and Office, you’re likely to get maximum value out of Power BI as it is engineered to be familiar with such programs. At the same time, Power BI is perfectly capable of integrating many other non-Microsoft programs.

Some of Power BI’s most prestigious customers include L’Oreal, Metro Bank, Cerner, Heat and Cummins. You can find testimonials left by these companies on the Power BI website. It is a platform that is more than capable of handling the demands of larger companies. At the same time, it is a platform that smaller companies can adopt and make use of as they scale up. 

Microsoft currently offers a free trial of Power BI on its site. If you’re unsure as to whether Power BI is the right tool for you, this might be a good option to try it out.

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