How to Transform Your Business Floor

Take a good look at the floor of your business. What do you see? In many cases, age, weather, and mud have taken their toll. This becomes especially true in Toronto, where rain and snow often come from outside into your business space on people’s shoes and boots. If you want to improve the look of your business, it’s time to consider renting or buying floor polishers and commercial vacuum cleaners Toronto. These pieces of equipment can make your floor look brand new, reversing years of wear and tear.

Cleaning the Floor in Three Steps

Creating a great-looking business floor comes in three essential steps. You need to use a commercial vacuum to remove heavy debris, then do a basic cleaning with a mop. When you are ready to really make your floor shine, choose from the array of different Comfort Vacuum Service floor polishers to make sure that you remove any deeply-ingrained stains and dirt that wouldn’t normally come out with conventional cleaning. It helps if you can find one brand that you are comfortable with for both your commercial vacuum cleaner and your floor polisher.

Vacuuming and Cleaning

While you could theoretically use the same floor vacuums and cleaning solutions to clean your business floor that you would use on a residential floor, it’s best to make sure that you have access to a commercial vacuum cleaner for this job. Commercial vacuums provide stronger suction and pick up more debris from carpets and floors than their residential counterparts. While noise is usually a major factor that causes people to avoid using a commercial vacuum, modern commercial vacuum cleaners in Toronto provide suction that is just as good with a noticeable decrease in noise. Once you have vacuumed, clean the floor with a mop and cleaning solution so it is ready for the floor polisher.

Floor Polishing

The value of using excellent commercial vacuum cleaners to remove debris is that floor polishers work best on a clear floor. These polishers go over the floor and buff them to a healthy shine, improving the overall look of the business floor to a quality that you may not have seen for years. Failure to use commercial vacuum cleaners in preparation for floor polishing can lead to unnecessary scratches or dents that might mar the final result. If you see a stray object or a dirty area while using a floor polisher, it’s a good idea to stop and reach for the commercial vacuum before proceeding. The use of that commercial vacuum cleaner might save you a lot of trouble after the polishing is over.

The two key components in any floor maintenance job are commercial vacuums and floor polishers. If you don’t have these items, look for a business that sells high-quality commercial vacuum cleaners and other cleaning supplies. There are numerous places that offer commercial vacuum cleaners in Toronto, but only a few offer high-quality floor polishers that go well with commercial vacuums. Choose the option that can give you the whole package for less.