Introducing 2021 mobile tariffs from Utility Warehouse

Introducing 2021 mobile tariffs from Utility Warehouse

Save money with great value mobile deals from UW.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, many of us are more reliant on our phones to keep in touch – especially now we’re back under national lockdown. Whether we’re chatting with family or friends, we need cost-effective mobile plans to keep us connected. Utility Warehouse (UW) continues to offer customers all the home services they need during this challenging time, especially as the company has now launched its great value mobile tariffs for 2021.

Unlike many mobile packages, these deals don’t put customers under pressure to sign up for long, complicated contracts with pricey get-out clauses. Instead, customers can simply select a UW SIM for their current unlocked handsets. Not paying for a new handset can help customers to save even further. The SIM deals work on a 30-day rolling basis, meaning customers stay in control and can switch to a different price plan at any point, or move to a different provider, should they wish. 

Here, we’ll take a look at UW’s 2021 tariffs – the excellent value Unlimited deal and the wallet-friendly Value deal.

Great value UW mobile deals

First up, the Unlimited deal offers all-you-can-eat data, minutes, and texts for just £20 a month, subject to the standard fair use policy. With this package, customers don’t need to worry about going over plan limits and paying for extras. Instead, they’re safe in the knowledge that they can text and call standard mobile and landline numbers, and surf the internet as much as they want for a set price.

UW is all about simplicity and helping its customers save on their home services. UW also knows that many households need mobile deals for more than one family  member, which can get expensive. But, with UW’s new tariff, when an existing customer takes the £20 Unlimited monthly plan, up to three additional household members can access the same SIM plan for £10 each. This means a single household can buy four unlimited SIM deals for just £50 per month in total – perfect for families who are looking to make great savings on their mobile bills. In this case, households can also bundle their SIM deals into one, easy-to-manage, monthly payment – no need to pay for each package separately. Plus, you can roll your phone bill into your monthly utility bill, too.

The Unlimited deal is an excellent value SIM-only deal, and is available to both new and existing customers. Meanwhile, the Value mobile deal offers customers 1GB of data, 450 minutes, and unlimited texts for £10 a month. This deal is perfect for those who don’t need unlimited data and prefer a simple tariff that they can rely on. If you’re not a regular internet user and only use your phone for calls and texts, this is the deal for you.

Add a handset

Aside from its new SIM tariffs, UW also offers customers the choice of several handsets – including the latest iPhones and Samsung models – to suit all needs. There’s an option for all budgets, whether you enjoy experimenting with a top-quality camera, streaming music, gaming, or just chatting with friends. Customers can order a handset – on a 24 month contract with no upfront fees – with their SIM plan to roll the cost of a new phone and a fantastic SIM deal into one.

UW uses EE to provide its mobile network services to customers, and EE is currently rolling out 5G across the UK. UW offers handsets that support the 5G network, meaning customers will be ready to use their phones to enjoy high-quality video calls, stream videos in HD, and download entire box sets in seconds. EE was the first UK provider to launch a commercial 5G service and has already expanded its coverage in 112 towns and cities. Meanwhile, UW mobile customers can already access EE’s 2G, 3G, and 4G network with a compatible handset, where available. 

Which? Recommended Provider

Over the years, UW has collected a series of awards for its excellent service. Amongst these accolades, UW has won numerous Which? awards and is currently Which? Recommended Provider for Broadband and Mobile Services as well as Utilities Brand of the Year. Last year, UW also featured as a Recommended Provider in the Which? Mobile Satisfaction Survey. Which? spoke to over 4,000 customers from various phone providers to find out who offered the best deals. Here’s what UW customers had to say:

  • Aside from the Unlimited and Value mobile deals, UW customers also praised the Phone, Broadband, and Mobile bundle – which includes mobile phone insurance.
  • Customers highlighted the FTSE 250 provider’s cashback card, which UW customers can take out to rack up discounts off their utility bill while shopping at dozens of high street retailers, including Primark, M&S, Halfords, and Sainsbury’s – both online and in store. UW Customers can take out the cashback card when they take two UW core services (landline, broadband, or energy)
  • Which? also commended UW for its promise not to raise prices during contracts and its seamless switch to SIM-only deals once customers have paid off their handset plans.

Switching to a UW mobile plan

Switching from your current mobile plan to a UW deal is easy. If you want to keep your current phone number, you’ll need a PAC (port authorisation code). You can text ‘PAC’ to 65075, and your current provider will text you a PAC to transfer your number to UW. Alternatively, if you don’t need a new phone number, you’ll need a STAC (service termination authorisation code). You can text ‘STAC’ to 75075, and your current provider will text you the code. Once you have given UW your code, UW will handle the process for you, so you don’t have to worry about your switchover.

Learn more about UW’s 2021 mobile tariffs.

About Utility Warehouse

UW is the UK’s only genuine multiservice provider that bundles all home services in one, simple, monthly bill. These services include electricity, gas, broadband, landline, and mobile phone services, as well as home insurance and boiler cover. Instead of worrying about lost passwords and paperwork, UW customers can trust UW will manage their single payment every month. UW also runs various green initiatives to help customers save money and do their bit for the environment. These initiatives include 100% renewable energy, free smart meters, and free energy-efficient LED light bulb for as long as customers stick with UW.

Over 650,000 customers have already signed up for UW’s multiservice bundles through a UW Partner. These Partners are independent distributors who recommend UW to family, friends, and people they know. UW Partners earn income for every customer they sign up and for building their own distributor teams. The power of word-of-mouth recommendations means UW doesn’t need to spend anything on advertising to customers – instead, UW Partners sign up customers for UW.

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