Is Dropshipping Still a Viable Business for 2019?

Let’s talk about Dropshipping – ‘The Laptop Business’.

If we go back in time – just a few years – we’ll find the enormous popularity of this new online business model that revolutionized the world of passive income.

But practicality is what we worship here, so today, we will discuss the current scenarios and figure out if dropshipping is worth it in 2019.

Before heading into the world of dropshipping, let’s quickly define dropshipping as a business model.

What exactly is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that requires setting up a website that will list and showcase the products you intend to sell. When it comes to product choice, it depends on the manufacturers you work with.

In this business model, the customer makes an order on your E-commerce store and credits your account. The placed order moves to the manufacturer which delivers the product to your customer.

You will not be liable to hold any inventory.

Not only that, today, more and more platforms are surfacing, that ensure complete dropshipping store automation.

When compared to the traditional E-commerce store, the major difference that surfaces up is the cost of inventory.

Dropshipping model is designed in a way to not make inventory a part of the process. Thus, this business model is cheaper and successful than the traditional E-commerce business models.

Let’s cut to the chase and dive into the content we are all waiting for.

Does Dropshipping Still Work in the year 2019?

The answer to this question is – YES.

However, with the incessantly increasing popularity and market competition, it has become hard to breathe in hefty profits.

Dropshipping today is not a ‘If You Build It – They’ll Come’ scenario anymore.

With the growing number of advertisers, the cost of advertising has risen which leaves no room for error. Still, dropshipping can be taken up as a passive income generator.

When it comes to understanding the real purpose and the kind of entrepreneurs dropshipping is good for, we must give attention to the goals of starting a dropshipping business first.

Let’s say if you have a corporate job and want to create a side hustle to generate some extra income. Then yes, dropshipping in 2019 is a good business model for you. Running an active E-commerce store will help you learn some of the crucial nuances of digital marketing that no certificate course can ever teach you. Since there is no starting capital required, you can go on and help yourself earn some extra cash.

However, if you are planning to get into the dropshipping game with the vision of creating a large E-commerce vertical, we would suggest you to reconsider your goal. In 2019, the competition is fierce; every E-commerce store is selling the same products and every ‘dropshipping entrepreneur’ is connected to the same suppliers. Regardless of how good the quality is, the consumer today will definitely price shop and go for the cheaper alternative. Therefore, sustenance is a big question in the dropshipping business model.

To sum it up, dropshipping is one of the best ways to start your E-commerce store and learn to take yourself to the top.

What would it take to ensure a dropshipping success in 2019?

To replicate the dropshipping business model and create an exceptional E-commerce store in 2019, the basics have to be done right.

Let’s quickly go through some of the points that can make or break your dropshipping business.

1. Running Branding Campaigns

You must be up for building a brand around the niche you have decided to create an E-commerce store for. Creating the right branding strategies and executing them successfully will help you gain the competitive edge you require in the Dropshipping business. You’d have to bolster your content marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing game to generate more branding leverage.

2. Providing value through expertise

Having expertise in the niche you have created an E-commerce store for will help you built trust and credibility if you could create valuable and informational content for your potential customers. Building an audience and then taking that traffic to your dropshipping business is highly recommended.

3. Becoming a great Paid advertiser

Facebook and Google Ads will be, hands down, your two best friends in the dropshipping business. Learning the art of creating traffic from these sources will help you reach your dropshipping business goals.

4. Identifying an online trend

Be market ready. Read about the market and keep your senses open. Identifying a trend is a skill that can be perfected over time. So hop on a trend early and make yourself a thick bundle.

Over to You

Dropshipping will work if you are ready to put in the extra hours and effort. The market has gotten fierce and competition has broken all records.

Therefore, it is advised to take one step at a time and create an E-commerce store that can create a significant passive income for you and has the best dropshipping products.

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