Is It Worth It To Hire An Employment Law Attorney?

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a crazy year. There were a lot of different events that transpired and the largest of them all was the corona virus epidemic. This virus led to a series of different events but one of the larger of the group was that of mass layoffs and firings. Lots of people lost their jobs unjustly and were unrightfully terminated from their long term careers.

While there are many people who believe that there isn’t much that can be done because of this, there are a few law firms out there that are willing to fight for your rights and defend you against this unjust or unethical termination. There is an employment law firm based out of LA that is willing to help you to fight. There are a variety of different things you’ll want to pay attention to when looking for a good lawyer in these cases. Here are a couple:

1.      Are they focused? 

While it’s good to be well rounded in life, when you’re trying to fight in a law case, you don’t want a firm or lawyer that’s well rounded. You want a specialist. If you’re trying to fight against employment laws, you want a lawyer that specializes in employment cases and has fought these time and time again. Although it might be cheaper or more convenient to go with a local lawyer or one that has helped you get out of a ticket or insurance scam, it will benefit you in the long run to hire out a lawyer who is well versed and educated in these matters. The more experience the firm has, the better as well.

2.      Do they have credentials? 

There’s a difference between credentials and merit. In the first point, we talked about merit. That is, if they are well educated and experienced enough in these cases to be able to defend you properly. Here, it’s important to note that they should have credentials. You’ll want someone who is a member of the state bar. They should know the laws of the state well because they differ between states. For instance, if you’re trying to fight your case in California, you’ll want your lawyer to have credentials and be a member of the California state bar.

3.      He can’t waver is his conviction to defend you. 

This is important when finding a lawyer. The best representatives don’t need to question whether or not you were in the wrong. They should advocate for their employer. In this case, that’s you. You should never have to doubt if they’re on your side and if they really want you to win the case or not. Either way, they’re going to get a paycheck, so it’s important that they let you know beforehand that they are going to represent you well and be on your side until the very end. A lawyer in this sense can’t only be well educated and legitimate in the eyes of the state. He also needs to be passionate about the clients that he’s defending. In this case, they lawyers that you’re looking at should have chosen to defend people against unlawful termination because they’re passionate about defending the working class. 

They should have empathy for those who have lost their jobs and advocate for them as if they were their own family. At the firm listed above, you will find lawyers who have had experience in this way and who are looking to defend those who have been wronged by their employers.

4.      Fare wages. 

After all of this, you need to know that you can find a lawyer who isn’t going to break the bank. This being said, if you find someone who meets the above three criteria, they might be a little more expensive than a run of the mill lawyer without any experience or passion in this area. However, what’s the point of fighting a case if you know that you’re going to lose from the beginning because of your representation. However, you should also know that you’re paying for quality. 

Your representation should be something that you feel sure of. So, it’s worth to pay the hourly wages of preparation for these lawyers. You want them to prepare well and get ready for these cases. They’re lawyers not crooks. If they’re passionate about defending you and helping you, it isn’t in their nature to then want to steal from you. Look for ethical people who only desire to help those in need. If you can find that, you’ll be able to find good representation and rest assured that your case is getting take care of by the best.

Now another question is, “is it really important that I’m represented professionally at all?” To be honest, that’s up to you. There are plenty of people who go to court every day and represent themselves. Depending on the place you live and your demographics, things will vary. But, in larger populated places like LA or New York, almost every single employer is represented professionally. 

This means that you would already be at a disadvantage legally and in experience walking into the courtroom. If English isn’t your first language as well, it would be a really good idea to have representation. There is nothing wrong with having someone present to speak for you. If Spanish is your first language, it might be easier for you to visit the following link to look for a Abogada de derecho laboral. There you will be directed to someone who will be able to help you find justice.

Just because we fall on hard times doesn’t mean that we can’t stand up to it. Lean into your struggles and fight back. With good help behind you, it will be much easier to fight the system and get back what was rightfully yours. In the end, you’re not looking to take advantage, you’re only looking for work.

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