Joey Klein, Inner Matrix Systems CEO Shares his MATRIX Strategy for Achieving Results

With the new year progressing full steam ahead, many people are focused on how to get great results in their life. Oftentimes, people set goals for themselves and begin moving towards those goals with passion and vigor, but quickly find themselves burnt out. People then wonder why they can’t get themselves to do the things they know would be beneficial and instead revisit old patterns that lead nowhere. The key is not to beat yourself up! In this article, Joey Klein, Inner Matrix Systems Founder and CEO, describes the MATRIX strategy for achieving results in life.

Map: Name where you are now, where you want to go, and key benchmarks along the way.

Align: Align mentally, emotionally, and physically with what you will create.

Train: Engage a consistent practice to train your mind, emotions, and actions to support your vision.

Reinforce: Reinforce what’s going well, name what can be optimized, and recalibrate as needed.

Integrate: Integrate what we learn through measuring and recalibrating along new information and intelligence to stay agile; integrate new information/intelligence to stay agile.

X marks the spot: Focus on your strategy; what benchmarks will you hit and what daily actions will get you there?

Step 1: Map It

The most important thing to do before setting off to achieve a goal or benchmark is to name the mark you want to hit. That sounds simple, but so few people actually know and name what their vision and outcome is. Naming a vision gives a person context as to what they are striving for. A vision and outcome can be a simple emotion you want to feel, like peace. A vision and outcome could be an amount of money you want to make or a type of relationship you’d like to create. Before you do anything else, make sure you name your vision and outcome. Next, name where you are now in reference to your vision and where you would like to go. Then name some key benchmarks that can take you closer to achieving your vision.

Step 2: Align It

Once you have your vision and outcome mapped with some possible benchmarks, it’s important to align your inner matrix (mental, physical, and intuitive self) with what you want to create. When you think about your vision, what emotions do you think you’ll feel when you have fulfilled it? What thoughts will you think when you’ve fulfilled your vision/outcome? What will you do? Spend a few minutes creating a vivid picture in your mind of what your life will look like when you fulfill your vision.

Step 3: Train It

After you have mapped your vision/outcome and aligned your inner matrix, it’s time to train it! Engaging a consistent inner practice to train your mind, emotions, and actions to support your vision is paramount in achieving it. Take 10-20 minutes each day to inhale slowly through your nose, count to four or five, hold a beat, and then exhale through your mouth slowly for four to five seconds. Repeat the cycle while focusing on relaxing your body. If you find your mind wanting to focus on particular thoughts, gently bring the focus back to your breathing. Once you feel relaxed, bring your vision/outcome into your mind and name the ways in which you are moving towards that vision/outcome.

Reinforce It

After some time, it’s important to take note of how it’s going. Name what’s going well in your journey to fulfill the vision and outcome you named, and commit to continue doing those things. Name the places that could be optimized and how you plan to improve them.

Integrate It

Take what you learned in the previous step and integrate your findings. It’s important to continually take note of where you’re hitting the mark in terms of fulfilling your vision/outcome and where you’re missing it. Measure your progress consistently over time and integrate what you learn to remain agile.

X Marks the Spot

Finally, continue to focus on your vision/outcome and name the benchmarks and daily actions that will move you closer to it. When creating extraordinary outcomes, it’s important to continually name your vision and practice these steps to move towards it until fulfilled.

The MATRIX steps outlined above are designed to help you remain inspired and get excited about what you’re creating.

About Inner Matrix Systems

Inner Matrix Systems, based in is a Denver, is a personal mastery training system for high achievers. For more than twenty years, IMS has delivered a proprietary methodology that rewires, trains, and aligns the nervous system, emotions, and thought strategies to create real-life results.

CEO, Joey Klein, and IMS have worked with more than 80,000 individuals from around the world through both live and online training programs, as well as one-on-one coaching. Clients have included: Boeing, IBM, Dell, Google, Panda Express, Coca Cola and The World Health Organization. Joey is the author of The Inner Matrix: Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real Life Results (June 2021).


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