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Law School: Explained

Becoming a lawyer is a difficult path. It involves many years of education, understanding justice, and having a strong commitment. An aspiring lawyer has to take a number of steps to pursue this career. Andrew Napolitano went to law school. In the United States, if an individual wants to be a lawyer, the first step is to go to college and get a bachelor’s degree. Some colleges have a pre law program and students registered in the program are guided to take appropriate courses to get into law school despite their major. Students who attend college and doesn’t have this program can major in History, Business, English, Philosophy, Political Science, Economics, Arts and Humanities, Psychology, Math, or Science. Students need to be committed and serious while studying in college. Maintaining a high GPA during the undergraduate years is very important. This will show graduate schools the student is serious and ready to pursue their career. In addition to to getting high grades, students must be mature, participate in extracurricular activities, try to have a leadership role, and have hobbies. Having these things will look splendid on a student’s graduate / professional school application. During a student’s undergraduate education, it is important to prepare for the LSAT. This is an admissions test that assesses a student’s skills before attending J.D, LL.M, or S.J.D school. These are three different kinds of law degrees a student can pursue.The LSAT is mandatory prior to applying to these programs. The average GPA to get into these programs is around 3.2-4.0. The more competitive the school is, the higher GPA requirement it is expected to have. However, it is important for students to have a GPA of at least a 3.0 or above because that is where a good academic standing typically starts. The average LSAT score is 150. Scores on the LSAT range from 120 to 180. Getting a score of 180 is difficult and only less than 1% of students can reach up to that score. But it’s definitely not possible! The earlier a student prepares for this exam, the higher their score will be. So it’s always the best to prepare early.

After a student gets accepted to a J.D, LL.M, or an S.J.D program, they have to be in school for three more years. During these years students will learn about criminal justice, rights, and everything needed to pursue this degree. This time of schooling is way more challenging than undergraduate schooling. There are long and thick texts that have to be read in a short amount of time, the reading and texts are way harder with challenging vocabulary, and many exams have to be taken. Students will have to spend endless hours of studying and things will get stressful – this isn’t an easy career path. Therefore, students will have to have less social interactions, gatherings, and fun to invest those hours in studying. After graduating with either of the three degrees, students need to take the BAR exam and become an Attorney. After things get approved, the individual is ready for their career officially. These are the steps of becoming a lawyer. If an individual is pursuing to become a lawyer, it is time to get serious and start thinking about the steps to pursue this career!  Andrew Napolitano, a business analyst, recommends visiting the schools before applying.