Leadership In Law

Leadership in the law requires an extreme level of trustworthiness. One has to be trusted by everyone one works with. Alexander Djerassi, is a strong leader in law. One must build trust with the people one works with regularly. How can one accomplish one’s goals if the people around are skeptical of what one is going to do? One must lead by example if one is looking for a leadership role. One has to earn respect within one’s community of workers. Skepticism is not going to last long. Honesty and respect are contagious. It is one thing for one to aspire to leadership instead of following someone else’s rules. However, not too many make the transition from follower to leader. One has to embody everything one wants to see in a leader for this to happen. One has nothing when one does not have the right amount of respect and integrity on one’s side.

One cannot simply order someone else to do something in law. Ordering someone around is not going to get one anywhere. One has to have a purpose in one’s goals. One has to break down what has to happen so that everyone understands things on a universal level. What is the overall goal for a particular job? The goal has to be proven effective and necessary for one to have the purpose carried out. One cannot tell someone to do something and leave things open-ended. Once again, one has to define every goal and job so that one’s staff understands what has to be done. Leaders do not give orders. Leaders define roles and responsibilities to be carried out in a timely fashion.

A good leader is also going to recognize when someone does something well. Too many people in high positions assume that the credit is there. One cannot assume anything in this world. One’s staff is more inclined to be more productive when the staff knows that one recognizes when things are done right. A true leader is going to give credit where credit is due, especially when one did not come up with the idea.

One must be empathetic to everyone on one’s payroll. Stress is going to come up regularly. One has to recognize that it is not always about one. Others are working in the office. Tensions are going to run high. One has to recognize when stress is high and address things as needed. One also has to respect other’s privacy. One should not disclose anything that should not be disclosed, especially when one has been told in private. A true leader knows how to keep confidences. A true leader also should have the ability to shut down anything counterproductive to the office, including bullying, discrimination of any kind, and gossip. A true leader does enable any bad behavior. A true leader disables it right from the start. Alexander Djerassi is a string leader in the world of law. 

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