MVP – Minimum Viable Product – What’s That?

Starting with a new project or product may be challenging. Those who already faced such issues know the struggles really well. In order to get successful with a new project or product (physical or digital) you may dive into professional literature, search more info on the Internet, talk to more experienced colleagues or book a discovery call with a team of specialists who are willing to understand your business goals and objectives. No matter which solution you take, you will easily transform your brilliant idea into successful projects. How is that possible? Well, knowledge is the key to everything. Knowing basics is a great way to start building up your knowledge. Once you learn the basics, you can successfully move on to more complicated issues and master a certain bit of knowledge. Once you become a specialist in a certain field you may call yourself a successful man. But to  start with, you must learn key concepts such as Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This article will explain to you what a MVP – Minimum Viable Product is and how to develop your project into it. Learn more about this topic and gain better knowledge and experience of your own business. Let’s start!

What is a MVP minimal viable product?

MVP – minimum viable project is an early version of any product which is not perfect yet, may have some bugs, but still features just enough options to be usable by early customers and reliable. Those early customers who get to test the MVP can later provide valuable feedback for the future product or project development.

MVP is not only a product. In broader sense it also means, among others, a service, application or any other technological solution, which was already launched but can be developed later. In that case we talk more about MVP development. The MVP – Minimum Viable Product concept results directly from the ideas of product development and lean startup, popularized by Steve Blank and Eric Ries.

Focusing on MVP projects can save you from unnecessary work and may save a lot of your valuable time. With MVP – minimum viable project you can work on multiple versions of the product and change them on the go because of the feedback given by the first users. Challenging and validating assumptions about the product’s requirements are very important while launching a new product or project.

MVP – minimum viable project does not only apply to physical or digital products. It may also be a development focused into market analysis, so the prospective entrepreneurs can determine whether to give this new idea a try or not. With MVP you can determine whether a given business idea would actually be viable and profitable by testing the assumptions behind the product or idea.

MVP – minimal viable project is especially useful for start-ups and new companies, who are a bit unsure and concerned with finding out whether their idea is worth something. Creating a MVP is a safe way of starting with a new business which helps to seek potential business opportunities. The involvement and feedback of early customers is crucial to the process. The MVP – minimum viable project is much greater than executing a fully developed, isolated business model.

If you wish to transform your brilliant ideas into a successful project or product, you should start with contacting some specialists. With them you may easily brainstorm your ideas, get valuable feedback and create a MVP – minimal viable product for your business. Don’t hesitate to schedule a discovery call with a great team of specialists from: With their creative and technical consultancy you can bring your problems and struggles and together you will work towards solutions using the best technologies, creative thinking methods and product skills. Check them out right now! While prototyping together you can  run through quality workshops during which you will fully understand the idea behind the first concept of your product. Are you ready to talk about your brilliant product idea? MVP in agile was never easier. Get started and schedule a call with a team of specialists from Apptension.

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