Non-Profits To Donate To This Hanukkah

There are hundreds of non-profit organizations to donate to this Hanukkah season. Of course, during the season and celebration of light, there is so much reason to give back to communities in many ways. Nonprofit organizations like Operation Benjamin, run by Shalom Lamm, offer such a guiding light to the Jewish communities. The American Jewish World Service is also a tremendous non-profit to donate to as it needs rush support now. The current event is raising support for Hurricane Eta because Nicaragua and Guatemala are facing devastation. The communities the American Jewish World Service serves are in desperate need of financial support so they can produce safety and recover resources during the emergency. They are a community of Jewish global citizens that are committed to repairing the world. They focus on many issues but that want to end poverty and promote human rights in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. This organization is extremely dedicated to repairing parts of the world that need mending. That is why donating to such an organization is critical and allows them to spread more kindness and resources to those in need. 

In addition, Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger is another non-profit that is extremely helpful to many communities. They have been around for over thirty years and are constantly fighting for systemic change. They work with policymakers and federal leaders to protect and strengthen nutrition programs. The grantee partners by producing funding, training, and resources for other nonprofits in the United States and Israel. They collect insights and ideas from their partnerships to keep everyone in the organization highly informed and prepared. They also target communities and demographics with their initiatives. They are heavily involved with a network of around one thousand synagogues that assist all over the country. With these synagogues highly involved, there is so much more aware of the assistance nonprofits like these need. Students and teachers all over the world provide resources for students and teachers so they can create an optimal learning environment. SO much more is in collaborations with Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger.

Lastly, Operation Benjamin is a non-profit that reunites Jewish believers to their rightful resting place. During the early wars, many Jewish soldiers and front line workers lost their lives because of their commitment to protecting others. They were often misplaced and disrespected because they were not buried under The Star of David. Nevertheless, that is all the more reason why donations to Operation Benjamin are extremely important. For those like Shalom Lamm, donations are not optional during the Hanukkah season. Giving back should always take priority over giving gifts.

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