Perks That Will Help Retain Employees at Your Small Business

Small businesses that have created a great team will want to keep the team intact for as long as possible. Retaining employees is essential as new hires are a gamble regardless of how impressive their resume is. The other risk of a new employee is the energy they will bring to the office might not fit within the company culture. There are some small businesses that are more laid back than others. Employee retention is not always going to be perfect as employees you value could be offered a job they can’t refuse as it will improve the quality of their family’s life immensely. The following are perks that can convince employees to stay and hopefully reduce the likelihood they are looking for another job opportunity.

Remote Work Opportunities of Course

Working from home used to be the best perk that a company could offer. A number of people found out that they were not cut out for remote work during the Coronavirus pandemic. Remote work is still attractive for a number of people that might want to live in a city with a low cost of living. Earning a salary in San Francisco and living in a small town in Iowa will yield massive savings. The ability to live internationally is another draw for employees that might want to take on that digital nomad lifestyle.

Luxury Company Cars

Luxury company cars for management can be that perk that keeps an employee for years. Driving around in a luxury car with maintenance being handled by the company provides convenience. Employees that have to drive for sales or have a long commute will be excited when this idea is spoken about. Maintenance has to be handled by mechanics that specialize in repairing luxury cars. Imports are going to be different than domestic cars which is something to keep in mind. Company cars that your employees can show off is a perk that is rarely given but can yield incredible results. The perk can even cause a person to accept a lower salary offer as this perk makes up for quite a few personal costs.

Flexible Hours

Flexible hours are not going to work in certain professional settings or businesses. For those that they will work for, instituting a flex schedule can work wonders. A person can set an appointment early in the morning and not have to worry about being late for work. People that have children oftentimes have to take a half day for a dentist appointment but with a flexible schedule this is no longer an issue. The one aspect to monitor is that of quality of work and productivity. Revoking the flex schedule for employees that are underperforming after the change might be essential. There will be those that show up at a certain time just to minimize the time in the office with their direct manger.

As you can see there is plenty that can be done to help improve employee retention. The best thing that can be done is to foster a team environment that helps grow personal and professional relationships.

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