Qualities Every Non-Profit Leader Should Have – with Shalom Lamm

One may have a desire to be a business person but it is very important to know that it takes skill (basic and/or technical), knowledge (the know-how) and experience (exposure). A lot of people start by getting an undergraduate degree in Business Administration which is a way to build a foundation. For non-profit leaders like Shalom Lamm, having a degree in business administration was not how he became the leader he is today. Back when Lamm was in school, business administration was not as popular as it is now. He had no idea that taking classes on how to develop a company or team, was even possible. In the sense of trying to be a good entrepreneur, it is important to note that one must have some knowledge or exposure to various industries in order to have a career that is successful. Lamm studied Military History back when he attended Yeshiva University and it has still given him the qualities he needed to become a successful CEO. Operation Benjamin, the non-profit that Lamm is CEO of, directly correlates to his studies.

This organization offers assistance to Jewish community members who have had their family members wrongfully buried during World War II. According to Deviantart, for Lamm, one must have certain qualities to be the best in the field. Some of these qualities that are not possessed naturally must be acquired. The qualities are many and can differ from one situation to another, which is why Lamm encourages people to be patient with each other. According to Lamm here are some basic qualities that leaders of nonprofits should possess. 

Willingness to take risks is extremely important to Lamm. A person can not be afraid to take a chance. The spirit of entrepreneurship has to be very strong to move forward and improve and increase revenue. This definitely will require one to take a chance from time to time on something that may or may not work. But, if one has the quality of chance taking, it may just payoff. And, if it does not pay off, one would have learned a lesson of what does not work and make considerations for the future when faced with something similar.

Leadership is a basic skill that is very important and very much needed to be the best in the world of entrepreneurship. To be a good leader involves making sure that employees can trust and follow the leader. Unless one has the basic skill of being a good leader, then employees will not trust nor follow the leader. Lamm has told Crunchbase, that one must be able to inspire their employees and ensure that it is a team with the same goals. The leader has to command the room but balance it with encouragement and inspiration for the team of employees.

Lamm believes that taking initiative is also extremely important. Suggest new goals and ideas rather than trying to enforce them as inspiring the team is a much better way to get productive workers. Therefore, take the initiative for new ways of doing things and present them to the team in a professional way.

Communicating effectively might be the most important aspect of leadership to Lamm. Communication has got to be one of the most important basic characteristics that one must possess to be productive when leading a team. The way things are presented to one’s team can either inspire or be a complete downer for the workers.

When Shalom is leading his community, he is extremely reliable to others. One must demonstrate to their team that they are reliable and can be counted on as a leader. This will ensure that one’s team will do their best because they know that they can rely on their leader. Here one should consider sources like Linkedin to network and get reliable people also for their team. Because being reliable is for the leader as well as the team. In regards to Operation Benjamin. It’s critical for Lamm to have a reliable work ethic and always demonstrate kindness towards his team, according to Vimeo