Signs That It Is Time To Hire A Personal Assistant And How To Go About It

Signs That It Is Time To Hire A Personal Assistant And How To Go About It

Hiring a personal assistant is a rite of passage in every entrepreneur’s career – at a certain point, there’s just too much going on for one person to keep track of. But how do you know when you’ve reached that moment?

  1. You Keep Dropping the Ball

At a certain point, there’s just too much on your plate and you can’t keep track of everything – it happens to us all. Whether it’s a prospective client you never responded to, a forgotten appointment or lost documents, when there’s too much on your plate it’s inevitable that some things don’t go to plan or fall by the wayside. One way to combat this is to hire a personal assistant to take the weight of the organisational and administration side of things so you aren’t trying to remember to do a million things at once.

2. You Feel Overwhelmed

One of the ways you can tell it’s time to hire an assistant is as easy as taking note of how you feel. If you feel snowed under, excessively stressed, and overwhelmed, then this means you’ve got too much on your plate and you’re barrelling towards burnout. Instead of feeling like a failure for having too much to manage, take it as what it is – a sign of success! Your business is growing, and now it’s too much for one person to run alone. To keep things on track, hire an assistant to help you do the things you don’t have time for anymore, and focus on your business.

3. Your Progress is Slow

If you feel like you’re caught in a loop of daily tasks, and never have time to work on the projects that actually make your business what it is and what it needs to be to grow, then you need to hire an assistant. If all your time is taken up doing admin tasks, firing off emails, arranging meetings and sending invoices, then that’s eating up time you could e spending moving your business forward and slowing your progress. So look into hiring a personal assistant to take care of all that stuff so you can do what matters. The truth is all of us have certain aspects that aren’t our strengths, in my case for example my weakness is sending invoices. I find it so boring and would in the past let them pile up. Hiring an assistant to help me with this ensures I can focus on tasks that are related to growing my business, while she can help me tackle the tasks I leave to build up. I feel so much more energised focusing on things that I enjoy.

Work With a Personal Assistant Recruiter

But how should you go about hiring the right assistant? The last thing you need added to your workload right now is trawling through loads of applications for the position – especially as personal assistant jobs tend to be quite competitive and there’s likely to be quite a few applications coming in. 

The best way to hire a personal assistant when you really need a good one, and fast, is to go through a personal assistant recruiter. It might seem counterintuitive – a ‘personal’ assistant needs to be someone you personally can gel with and organise with easily, right, and who else could choose the right person but you? It can be especially hard to let go of the control of these decisions as an entrepreneur; you built this business yourself, so why outsource key decisions? However, it really is the best way forward as you’ll find yourself with a curated list of personal assistants that could be a good fit for you, allowing you to sort through the best of the bunch to find someone who meets your needs perfectly. 

You might think that you know what you want when you hire a personal assistant – and for sure, you will have an ideal list of characteristics in your head, some of which will be non-negotiable. But this is one of those moments where you really need to work with a professional. They will be able to pick the good from the bad instinctively, whereas you may end up plodding through unsuccessful relationships with three or four inexperienced or disorganised PAs before you find the right one. Make sure your personal assistant recruiter is someone you get on with, so you can be sure you understand each other well – but once you’ve passed on your list of dos and don’ts, let the professional handle their business.

You’ll end up with a well suited and professional personal assistant who will make your work life so much easier and give you the time to help your business realise its full potential. The only problem you’ll have is wishing you’d hired one sooner!