Ultimate Guide to Starting Up a Franchise Business

Starting a New Business in a Worldwide Pandemic

Starting a new business is always a hassle, not to mention the worldwide pandemic taking over our 2020s. But if you’re committed, nothing is impossible, you just need to make a few adjustments and then shoot for the stars.

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A tragic number of people lost their jobs in the pandemic, and a lot of them started their businesses as a last resort. Some lucky people made it to the other side, and realized their calling, now working in their chosen field, happier than ever.

And this can be anyone, if they’re smart and practical, but most importantly, cautious. Most people who start a new business in this worldwide crisis do it because they believe they don’t have anything else to lose. It’s a sink or swim moment in a dog-eat-dog world.

But instead of leaning into this despair, decide to be as practical and conscious as humanly possible. Believe you can make it, and start researching.

Every person has different motivations. Some do it out of necessity, others find an opportunity in the pandemic. Whatever the case, you should ask yourself: what can you offer clients in these hard times, why do they need it, and how can you do that in practice.

Although we want to look forward, past the COVID situation, it’s smart to ‘use’ this time, and target things that could help people now. For example, food and craft products skyrocket now, and people love to support small, family businesses.

Take into account that you’ll have to work from home. Whether we’re talking about employees, organization, or office space, don’t disregard that you’ll have to create a remote office space from the ground up.

Look into the best platforms you can use, learn about remote interview techniques, and when looking for manpower, take into account some things that you wouldn’t if you’d work in an office. Do they have home-office experience?

Do they have insight into different platforms you could try? Are they full of ideas? Can they motivate themselves? Some tech experience could also come in handy, as everything will work through technology, and although you’ll most likely hire someone as an IT person, it’s best to have people working for you who have insight into this world whether it’s about the organization, files, or data entry.

Learn to use your new best friend and main marketplace: social media. This is not only a necessity due to the pandemic. After all, this is the 21st century, and most – if not all – people rely on social media when choosing what to buy and who to hire. So lean into it, and create a social media presence. Research what your customer base is using, and where you can transfer your expertise.

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Anticipate the end of the crisis. Most startups that take flight in the pandemic will not live after it’s all gone. Calculate what the end of COVID will mean for your company. Will people still need what you offer? Will you have to reorganize your job forces? Will you have to introduce new products and services? If yes, anticipate the coming of this change, and have a practical plan for when this day comes, so you don’t drown.

There are opportunities you can grab that are highly sought after in the pandemic, and will probably still stay afloat after it’s all over. For instance, fitness apparel and training. People are trying to stay in shape at home, and it’s a struggle, they need help and motivation.

But even when this is all over, they’ll still love and need your services. Or make masks, because after all, it’s become a fashion accessory in this past year. And after they’re not as needed anymore, you can move on to other fashion accessories, and they’ll love you for it. Make it COVID-proof, but stay one step ahead at all times.

People who started their businesses in the pandemic learned that customers crave connection in the lockdown. Be more attentive, direct, and communicate more. This is always important, but in these hard times, people especially value genuine contact with people.

Pay more attention to this, and if possible, hire one or two people who only have the job of communicating with customers. This way it will be constant, and customers will get used to your existence.

Building a COVID-proof business from the ground up is overwhelming and hard, but try to stay positive, and always stay flexible. Being rigid will not get you anywhere in a time when the entire world and economy changes by the hour, if not by the minute. Always stay one step ahead, never stop researching, and be adaptive to change. Have a plan for every possible change you can think of.

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Be sure about this decision, because people’s lives will depend on you. And although they know well, that nothing is guaranteed in the near future, you still have to try to guarantee as much as you possibly can. And what’s most important, always be honest with your employees.

Let them know point-blank what you can offer them, and what your plans for the future are. They have to know, that although this is just a startup, meaning that naturally, they won’t get as much money as in a big firm, they are a part of something big, that potentially can mean long-term financial well-being, an office environment they want to be a part of, and a purpose they’d love to support.

If none of this scared you away, and it only made you more sure you want to do this, then congratulations! We’re looking forward to seeing you grow, and support you. Good luck.