Starting an Electrical Company – How to Find the Right Suppliers

No matter what business you are in, you always need good suppliers. If the supply chain breaks down or it becomes erratic, you put your business at risk. Great suppliers make a successful business and without them you cannot operate at the top level. Finding the reputable supplier is key, but this can be sometimes hard to achieve. When selecting an electrical distributor, you must take these points into consideration.

Sourcing Electrical Suppliers

There are many ways to find reputable electrical suppliers. The most convenient way is to use the internet, while the most dependable way is to get a personal recommendation. You should be able to get personal advice from others who are involved in the electrical industry. If they’ve dealt with, or are currently dealing with a reputable supplier, they should be able to put you in contact with them.

If that doesn’t work, you can always try some of these avenues:

  • Trade Shows
  • Industry Events
  • Networks
  • Local Newspapers & Radios

There are many ways to find trustworthy suppliers, you just have to be patient with the process.

Recognise Their Importance

One big mistake many business owners make is not recognising good suppliers when they deal with them. If you need good quality electric products and your supplier continues to meet your demands on time and at a good price, you should count yourself lucky. A reputable electrical supplier is a valuable asset, and they should be treated like one. Their services and products are fundamental to your business.

Variety of Suppliers

There isn’t just one type of electrical supplier, there are a variety of types and as a business owner you must understand all of them. Some are distributors of electrical goods and equipment, while others are manufacturers. You need to recognise different categories when you deal with them. Distributors act as a middleman for buyers, whereas is you purchase products off manufacturers, you are going right to the source.


This is an obvious factor to consider when choosing an electrical supplier, you want to get a good price for the products your order. There are many ways to save money when starting your own business and finding a dependent supplier is one of them.

Affordability is a key concern when selecting a supplier. You want a company that produces quality goods and services at a reasonable price. As a business owner you should be focused on your finances, if you can find a competitively priced supplier, they should be an attractive option.

You must remember that cheap doesn’t always represent the best value for money. You must ask yourself why the electrical supplier is offering their services and products at such a low price? If you decide to pass low grade products on to your customers, you risk losing them for good.


When choosing an electrical good supplier, you must look for a company who are reliable. If you cannot depend on them to deliver their products on time at the agreed rate, you should look elsewhere.

Well know suppliers who have established themselves in the industry are usually the most dependable. They generally have enough resources and systems in place to adapt to any demands. If you decide to work with a smaller electrical supplier, you should make sure are one of their primary customers. In this case, your supplier will respond differently to your requests. If a rush order comes in or they’ve a lot of deliveries to make, they’ll prioritise your business over others.

Industry Experience

When you look for electrical suppliers, you must find companies who have been involved in the industry for a long time. If the company has been supplying products and services to many businesses across the country for several years, it is fine to consider them as a stable entity. There are many factors to consider when selecting suppliers – stability is one of the most crucial.

If you are entering into a long-term contract, you want to make sure the business is stable and will be around for many years to come.


Another factor that is often overlooked when choosing an electrical supplier is location. When you deal with distant suppliers, it sometimes means longer delivery times and additional freight costs. If your business needs a product quickly, a distant supplier won’t be able to get it there in the same time as a local supplier. It all depends on their policies, so make sure you do your research and choose accordingly.

Your business depends on a lot of things to ensure it works successfully. If you don’t have the right electrical supplier, it will cause you problems. You must find a dependable distributor of electrical goods and build a positive relationship with them. In addition to finding one supplier, make sure you have a backup plan, just in case they run into any issues.

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