The Benefits of Choosing a Heat Recovery System for Your Business

A heat recovery system is an energy-efficient way of heating and cooling your workplace.

There are several benefits of choosing this method and whilst it may have an upfront cost for installation, it will last you years and save you money.

Understanding how heat recovery systems work will enable you to understand the many benefits of choosing a heat recovery system for your business.

Heat Recovery Systems Explained

A heat recovery system is a form of ventilation which can provide both heating and cooling to your workplace.

If you own an office, this could be a great way to keep your employees cool in the summer and warm in the winter, without racking up a huge energy bill. They can also be used in homes too, not just businesses.

It works via two pipes that lead in and out of the space and into the air outside. Most ventilation systems simply pull out any room air and replace this with fresher air from outside.

These kinds of ventilation systems must use energy in order to cool the air before blowing it into the room. A heat recovery system is much better as it re-uses energy.

For example, to heat your office, a heat recovery system will pull in the stale air from the room through one pipe, meanwhile drawing in fresh air from outside, from a pipe that sits alongside.

The fresh air is then heated up via the stale warm air leaving the office, therefore, re-using heat energy and providing a fresh, warm environment at all times.

Save Money

There are tons of benefits of choosing a heat recovery system over a normal ventilation system for your business. If you want to save money on bills, this allows you to use less energy to both heat and cool your workplace.

As stated earlier, you will have to pay upfront to have a heat recovery system installed but choosing a reputable retailer such as will ensure that your heat recovery system lasts and is installed expertly.

Save the Environment

For those businesses that are looking to improve their carbon footprint, heat recovery systems use less energy and re-use energy which would usually be wasted, meaning they are a much better choice for our environment.

There are many other ways that you as a business can reduce the amount of waste produced—here are some more ideas on how to do so.

A Fresh Workplace

If you want to provide a fresh workplace for your employees, a heat recovery system can reduce the amount of pollen and dust that is around the room.

This is all collected in a filter within the system, so you must ensure that this is cleaned and changed regularly.

For those looking at a more affordable way to heat and cool their workplace and to save energy whilst doing so, a heat recovery system could be the perfect fit for your business.

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