The Best Tech Hardware for Sit-Down Restaurants

Having a powerful point of sale (POS) software system is key to running a successful restaurant. In order to take advantage of all your POS can offer, your restaurant needs robust, durable, and innovative hardware to complete your technology stack.

Whether it be hand-held devices, kitchen display systems, payment processing, or POS printers, your restaurant won’t run the same without the right kind of POS tech hardware.

Hand-Held POS Devices

In the world of customer service, giving the customers what they ask for as soon as possible is of utmost importance. Guest requests can be taken care of sooner and with fewer chances of error with hand-held POS devices.

No longer will your servers be spending time behind counters or waiting in line for the terminal. With hand-held POS systems, they can improve your guests’ overall experience by immediately inputting orders.

Today’s hand-help POS devices have overcome past challenges in perception and technology to provide guests with better, faster customer service, and fewer mistakes or forgotten orders.

These mobile ordering stations are powerful and decrease the time between a customer’s order and its submission into the system with a slimmer and less intrusive design.

Hand-held POS systems enable your servers to turn tables faster. Customers spend less time waiting for their food and their bill with at-the-table ordering and payment options.

Servers are able to close checks in one visit to the table instead of multiple, providing a more streamlined process.

In addition, your staff can interact more positively with your customers as they can become more present in various areas of the restaurant. No longer will they need to run back and forth to crowded terminals, and instead can spend more time interacting with guests.

Kitchen Display Systems

Restaurant kitchens are notorious for being the most hectic areas within a restaurant.

The use of kitchen display systems (KDS) digitally strengthens the link between the front and back of the house which improves communication and performance throughout the entire business, giving your entire restaurant a more cohesive feel.

More environmentally friendly, these 100 percent digital devices mean your kitchen staff will no longer need to rely on kitchen printers or paper tickets. With a POS kitchen display system, as soon as an order is placed, the kitchen will be able to view and prepare for the order.

The numerous benefits of having a KDS system include:

  • Increased Organization– Orders are viewed on one screen by the kitchen staff, in real-time and with greater accuracy.
  • Better Efficiency– Orders are more easily tracked and prioritized. Guest special requests are more clearly controlled and provided for with the whole kitchen staff able to access orders.
  • Greater Awareness– Managers benefit from increased awareness of operations in the kitchen as ticket times become more apparent.
  • Fewer Errors– There’s less risk of order entry errors or lost tickets.

Payment Processing Devices

POS payment processing devices give business owners more flexibility with their customers’ payment options.

Payment processing devices provide customers with the ability to pay through an array of alternatives, including near-field communication, right at their table. Safe and touchless, these devices provide:

  • Tap-and-go technology
  • Contactless payments
  • Debit, credit, gift card, and mobile payments
  • Speedier checkout
  • Marketing potential
  • Improved customer satisfaction with optional surveys

Payment processing devices such as self-serve kiosks are gaining in popularity, especially in quick service and casual restaurants.

These self-serve kiosks provide guests with individualized services such as faster ordering with quicker checkout services.

Diners gain more control over the ordering process with the ability to review menu options, customize orders to meet their individual needs, and effortlessly communicate with servers.

Shortened wait times and efficient self-services allows management of staff productivity and food preparation to grow in other areas.

Self-serve kiosks provide newer staffing options and opportunities for restaurant owners as staff services can move beyond taking orders and closing checks.

POS Printers

Although digital versions of receipts are new additions to some POS software systems, many restaurants still prefer and rely on paper receipts. A receipt or kitchen ticket printer can be the perfect complement to your current POS system with higher quality standards, reliability, and value.

Similar to full-sized printers, POS printers receive print commands from your POS software. Their benefits include:

  • Faster print times
  • Energy efficiency
  • Quieter printing
  • Thermal printing
  • Colored printing capabilities

Combing Software and Hardware for Greater Success

To run a successful restaurant, you need to have both the right software and hardware. Together, these powerful tools can drive growth and gain customer loyalty.

By keeping up to date with all the latest restaurant technology, you focus more on what matters most: quality food and quality service.