The Fastest Growing Outsourcing Locations – Ukraine

As outsourcing remains popular, everyone is searching for the most effective market for outsourced staff. Every single individual or organization that plans long-term projects should concentrate on the way to hire software developers overseas without risking project success.

Ukraine is one of the most popular destinations for businesses of all sizes that are searching for experienced, well-priced, and committed freelancers for a variety of projects.when it comes to IT and software development, Ukraine is the strongest alternative of the moment.

Ukraine looks to be on its way to turning into the new darling of IT outsourcing. The country’s pool of engineering talent is intensive, and its software development and quality assurance rates are fairly low cost. That’s why several tech giants, including Samsung, IBM and Oracle have already established their R&D offices there. This year thirteen software development firms in Ukraine made IAOP’s list of top-100 offshore IT contractors demonstrating their excellence in a set of criteria. A number of them were named rising stars. You never know wherever you’ll meet your star.

Over one hundred global telecom, eCommerce, software development, and gaming firms have R&D offices in Ukraine, as well as Crytek, Ericsson, Magento, and Grammarly. The country boasts the greatest share of software engineers in eastern and central Europe. With an expected 200.000 IT specialists by the year of 2020. positioning the country for global success, we share vital information regarding outsourcing to Ukraine’s booming freelance market.

Top Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Software Developers:

– Enabling Environment for Providing Outsourcing Services 

According to IT Association, the size of IT services export made $3,6B and is predicted to rise to $8,4B in the year of 2025. The contribution of the industry to the country’s GDP can increase consequently from 3,34% to 4,65%.

– Over 12K IT Companies 

The State Statistics of Ukraine informs that the quantity of IT corporations running within the country was around 12K in the year of 2016. It doesn’t mean that everyone provided software development services. Approximately, the whole amount of such businesses is about 2.000 firms. The other corporations work in the fields of information and telecommunication sciences.

– Big Software Development Hubs in Different Cities

Top IT outsourcing Ukraine firms are located in big cities. according to Mappedinua, the largest tech hubs are in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, and Odessa. As you see, the better half of IT corporations are placed within the capital city. After all, Kyiv is incredibly simple to reach from any country in the world. As of 2017, its population is nearly 3 million people making the city the biggest one in Ukraine.

Top IT Companies in Ukraine:

– Ciklum 

One of the largest Ukrainian outsourcing corporations that engage around 340,000 people. it’s a global company with offices everywhere in the world. It offers huge data, IoT solutions and a large range of QA, app and product development services.

– Eleks 

The company is concentrated on training and engineering services for large organizations. Eleks has offices in Ukraine as well as in eastern Europe, Japan, and also the USA. The company is specialized in custom product development and web design.

– Diceus 

One of the Ukrainian IT corporations and a technology partner for SMEs and large companies everywhere in the world. not like outsourcing providers, it offers a pay-per-results engagement model rather than hourly costs for software development. specializes in business analysis and is concentrated on ERP and CRM development. Featured on Clutch, GoodFirms, Top Agency, and IT corporations.

– Perfectial Lviv 

The company provides IT services for advertising, financial, marketing, property industries primarily. It specializes in web development and cloud computing. The firm has experience in developing AI-based products, blockchain solutions, and IoT.

– AltexSoft 

A tech data provider placed in Kharkov. They’re operating mostly with mid-market clients and are conversant in e-commerce solutions. The company offers a large variety of services: UI/UX consulting, engineering, information science, and technology consulting.


Company placed in Kiev who develop up-to-date custom software for their clients and efficiently optimizes their business. IDAP tech stack consists of the most modern and the finely suited technologies for software development, such as Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Java, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

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