The Rewards of Promotional Products: Is it Worth the Investment?

There are one too many forms of marketing tactics out there and it can be a pain to figure out which ones work best for your business model.

Marketing has been revolutionized by the digital age and introduced further complicated marketing techniques ranging from social media marketing to search engine optimization (SEO).

However, some marketing tactics have passed the test of time and remain relevant to this day. Putting “old is gold” into context, we’ll take a look at how the use of promotional products can really drive your business forward whether you’re a B2C or B2B. 

From research-backed data to real-life experiences, we’ll dive into the rewards of using promotional products as your number one marketing strategy and why we think it’s still here to stay, despite its origins dating back to 1789.

Image by aiiapromogifts from Pixabay 

Building brand awareness

What brand awareness means

Brand awareness, in a nutshell, is how well potential customers can recognize a brand and associate it with your product or service. This is super important as it allows potential customers to differentiate you from your competitors when you launch a product. 

Examples of companies with a high level of brand awareness are Coca-cola, Nike, and Google. Upon mentioning those three, we can bet our money that some product or service of theirs sprang to your mind. 

The impact of promo merch on brand awareness

When you’re giving out promotional products, you have to be strategic about it. Include slogans and social media hashtags alongside your logo that help you identify your business.

When people look at it, they have a rough idea of what you do. Choosing the right promotional products for your brand also helps boost your brand awareness.

Promotions Warehouse for example has a wide array of promotional products that they can personalize to your liking.

Your recipients become ambassadors

For the least amount of money, promotional merchandise can generate a lot of impressions. Look at it this way: an umbrella may cost up to $10, but it has a cost per impression (CPI) of $0.01! 

Outwear such as headgear and t-shirts rank high on this list and get an average of 6,100 impressions during their lifetime. 

Considering that people typically keep promo merch for a year, you’re getting a lot of value for your money. So what happens after the year of usage? 

Most people give their products away when they don’t want them anymore. This means that you’re getting more brand awareness out of the same product! 

To really get the most value out of your products, look for something with durability even if it means forking out more money upfront. 

Customers remember you

Brands give out merchandise or products that add value to the lives of potential customers such as flash drives, umbrellas, personalized stickers, coffee mugs, and even safety vests. Naturally, these products last a long time unless you source them from a bad manufacturer.

With this, your brand is always interacting with potential customers without having them realizing it. 

The longer they see and use your products, the more they’ll remember you. This isn’t just a made-up theory. A study by PPAI found that 90% of people remember the brand that gave them a promotional product.

This is a stark difference when compared to mobile and print advertising where only 20% of folk remember the brand!

However, not all promotional products work for all demographics. A flash drive might not be as useful to a construction worker as it is to a writer.

Use some creativity when it comes to interacting with the right customer, as you would want it to be as relevant to the customer as possible to avoid it being kept in the drawer or worse, thrown away.

The quality of your product can make or break you. Customers will judge you based on the products you give out. If they break just after a few uses, they might have a negative perception of your brand.

Improves the likelihood of doing business with you

Here’s a staggering fact: 83% of respondents from PPAI’s study said that they will do business with a brand stamped on a promotional product. When you provide value to someone, they’ll be compelled to return the favor.

And of course, who doesn’t like freebies?

The influence of online and mobile marketing on consumer behavior pales in comparison to promotional merch. The percentage of respondents dropped to 6% and 17% respectively.

Promotional products are also unique in the sense that potential customers are able to form some physical connection with your brand. They can’t touch your Facebook ad, but they can carry around an umbrella with your brand on it until it becomes their favorite.

Acts as a business card

Business cards are a classic, and there’s always a time and place for them. In most cases, however, they end up hidden in someone’s wallet or purse never to see the light of day again. 

A few days later, the potential customer you were hoping to close a deal on completely forgets about you or searches for another company.

With promotional products, you minimize the chances of this happening. When you give them a pen, they’ll be inclined to use it or leave it on their table. If you give them a phone stand, it will be on their desk with their laptops. 

Think of it as a business card that never gets hidden. That’s another reason to choose a product that the customer will actually use!

The more attractive your product is, the more likely it will stay seen.