Tips for Being Business Professional Over Zoom

Business meetings are now conducted over zoom. This is a new way that professionals are meeting to discuss their business ideas. There are some tips for being professional during zoom meetings that are good for beginners to learn. According to Diego Ruiz Duran, these are some tips for being professional while on zoom. He developed these tips to help a person look professional while on zoom.

Use the Mute Button

When a person is not speaking they should be muted. This will stop any background noise from being distracting and keep any noise from interfering with their meeting. This will allow a person to focus on the speaker and will stop any noise in the home from distracting others.

Look in the Camera

Maintaining eye contact is a sign of respect. While it may be a little different when in zoom it is professional to look into the camera while speaking. This will allow the others to see that the speaker is focused on the audience.


Zoom gives a user the option to select from different backgrounds. The background chosen on zoom should not be busy. It can be plain and tasteful. Without a background, people will see into the home of the office and that is not always professional looking.

Turn up the Lights

When at the meeting it is important to have good lighting. This will allow people to see each other easily. Windows will give the rooms plenty of natural light. It is not good to set up with the window right behind the camera. This will cast a shadow and make the speaker look darker.

Shut off the Phone

Diego Ruiz Duran believes this to be vitally important. Others can tell if a person is on their phone during a zoom meeting. To avoid temptation turn off the phone or put it in different places when on the zoom meeting.

Turn off Computer Notifications

Any notifications on the computer should be turned off. This includes notifications for incoming emails. This can be a distraction if the computer is chiming every couple of minutes.

Charge the Laptop

During the meeting, it can be a pain if someone has to pause to look for their laptop plug. If the computer shuts down in the middle of a meeting this will also give a bad impression. Before starting the meeting make sure the laptop is fully charged. If there is an outlet nearby it can be plugged in.

Good Connection

It is important to have a good internet connection. A person should check out the area where they are setting up before the meeting to make sure the internet is good there. No one wants to see people freezing up during the meeting. They do not want to deal with a person cutting out mid-sentence and constantly checking the connection.

These are some tips to becoming successful on zoom. These tips will allow a person to be professional even if they are not in a face to face meeting.

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