UFT Testing Offers Unimaginable Benefits to Small Businesses

When it comes to Unified Functional Testing, there are numerous benefits to take into consideration. While the cost of maintaining a license for the testing procedures might be high, there are simply too many advantages to ignore. This is a way to automate both your functional and regression testing tools that you use for GUI. It takes care of the criticisms that have long plagued manual testing procedures. This occurs because the automation process speeds up the testing mechanism, making the results known in a fraction of the time that it used to take. You can also replicate the tests as many times as you want without much effort being expended. If you need to change either the UI application or API, you can easily do so.

What is UFT?

Simply put, UFT testing is a procedure that automates the functional testing tools that enable professionals to spot any errors that might compromise the expected results of a given application. This occurs via an automated process that effectively catches defects or gaps in the product that could compromise its integrity. It works by using an icon that ends up running a regression and functional test for the chosen application.

This type of procedure can be run by both technical and non-technical testers. That diversity expands its potential and makes it easier than ever before to run important applications through a testing process that can spot potential problems. You will be able to both record and playback the test itself. This is something that was never available with manual testing. It is also highly beneficial as you can go back and see where a problem occurred during the test. In addition, it makes it simple to replicate the test to make sure that the results can be deemed accurate in the end.

Because UFT testing is now completely automated, it is fully supported by both Windows and MAC-based operating systems. There is also an extension for UFT available in the Chrome Store. This is great because it will automatically update the testing tool when a new version becomes available. When it comes to running a variety of different functional tests, this level of automation is essential. You will quickly discover that there is a variety of technology that is currently supported. It will recognize a number of objects from both Siebel and SAP applications, in addition to being able to interact with various objects from there.

Why Your Business Should Be Using UFT

Perhaps the most important benefit to your business is the fact that UFT is so easy to use. This opens up the number of personnel in your organization who will be able to run the tests and properly interpret and act upon the results. The ease of use comes from the fact that it runs on a VB script, thus avoiding the need to understand a high level of programming language.

The fact that you can record the test is a major benefit as well. This means that you can playback the entire process at a later time with the entire team in order to determine what the results indicate about the application. It is this collaborative effort that can continually help you to refine your product and ensure that the end result is as desired. UFT testing also provides you with a great way to identify objects. It automates a number of frameworks in order to make the process easier. This includes testing that is driven by keywords and data, along with hybrid and modular approaches to the process. In summary, your company will benefit from UFT from the moment that you implement it.

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