What Is a Vanity Number and How Relevant Is It For Your Business?

To make your business or company a brand, you need to have a unique identity. In this process, using a vanity number can be very helpful.

For those who do not know about vanity numbers, these are premium telephone numbers that are easy to remember with just a single glance. The company prefers to use a vanity number due to many reasons.

However, the main reason why vanity numbers are popular is because of the brand value they provide. Vanity phone numbers are very different from regular phone numbers and created with numbers or a combination of numbers and words.

For example, a company or shop that deal with flowers can choose to keep the vanity number as 1800-Flowers. This phone number is highly accurate and represents the business.

The next time anyone thinks of getting flowers delivered, 1800-Flowers will be the first thing that will cross their minds. 

It’s how one can achieve an upper hand on the competitors. Whenever a person needs a service, a vanity number is the first thing that he or she will remember as they can be easily memorized.

It’s why having a vanity number for a brand is very important. It’s not just words, but vanity numbers can also be just a combination of numbers. A name like 1800-111-1234 is also a vanity number and very easy to remember for anyone.

These phone numbers are unique and help create a brand identity with them. In the case of an advertising hoarding where people only spend a second or more on advertising while driving, having a vanity number can be very useful.

With just a quick look, a person will quickly memorize the number, and when he requires similar services, it will be the first thing he or she remembers.

The relevance of vanity numbers in promoting business or marketing strategies is very high. We all know that everyone has a smartphone, and the best option for a person to contact a store or a company is through a smartphone.

With more and more smartphones and internet users, people prefer to search for service immediately on the smartphone when needed. In the listing, when the consumer checks a service with premium vanity numbers, it brings out more confidence and makes the company look better than others.

When people look at your services through a digital advertisement or banner, they might or might not remember your company or product name, but will remember the premium vanity number.

It’s what they will remember when they would need a service similar to yours. In that scenario, the first thing they will remember is your phone number, and you will be the primary contact when the consumer needs your service.

Getting your vanity number is relatively easy as there is a company providing these vanity numbers at a great price globally. Depending on the country your business is in and the type of number you opt for, the prices will differ. 

So in case you have missed getting a vanity number for your business then this is the right time. Getting a vanity number will not only increase your status as a brand but will also increase the incoming call ratio where the chances of converting visitors to clients increase.

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