What to Consider When Renting Commercial Trailers

There are many uses for trailers that can range from a standard storage area to a container for hauling items to any location in the nation. Regardless of the reason, people need trailers. However, customers run into issues when deciding what to do in terms of acquiring a trailer that meets their specific needs. The choice typically comes down to choosing whether to purchase one for long-term personal use or renting the exact type of trailer needed for the project or goal. And sometimes either can be found in the same location, which makes the decision process much easier. For many people needing trailers this evaluation process actually becomes the beginning of a business relationship that works well for all parties, especially when the decision is to rent for industrial or business purposes. Here are a few things to consider before finalizing any rental deal.

Different Types of Trailers

The first step in choosing a trailer is assessing the need and realizing what would work best. Renters can choose from a wide variety of trailer types, and finding the exact trailer for the job can be important. Whether you are hauling freight or needing a storage container for a specific use, there is always something that will fit perfectly when there is plenty of selection to choose from. Know what you want before you go shopping.

Pros and Cons of Renting

Renting a trailer is the obvious choice when it will only be used one time or be needed periodically. It makes little sense to have major capital invested in a trailer that is rarely used. Cost-effectiveness is assuredly a serious factor in a decision to buy or rent. Those who rent also are not required to maintain equipment either beyond the terms of any rental agreement. One of the primary cons for renting is that trailer renters who have a continuing need will also have a continuing cost when they lease equipment for each operation in the future, so the ongoing expectations can impact the decision to select a trailer to rent as opposed to actually making a permanent purchase.

Best Uses for Trailers

There are many good uses for trailers that start with personal needs and extend to business operations. The number of industries that need trailers for conducting business is vast, and many like having a one-stop center for making rental purchases based on the particular job. Finding a trailer rental agency with a solid reputation for customer service and a wide selection of trailers is important to staying in business for many occupations. Industries needing trailers or containers include:

  • Truck drivers
  • Shipping companies
  • Movers
  • Construction companies
  • General contractors
  • Temporary service providers


Competitive pricing is always included in making a rental or purchase decision. Prices tend to be relatively stable, but larger operations that focus on sales as well as rentals can often be an excellent place to make a long-term purchase. Rental rates typically draw the most attention among trailer customers, and many times the larger centers will actually have the most competitive pricing. Of course, just as with anything, there are top-shelf trailer types available for those who do not see expense as a necessary obstacle when making a final decision. And there is often no acceptable substitution when an exact trailer type is needed for any particular use.

Quality Products

Quality is also a vital component of making any rental or purchase decision when it comes to trailers. Trailers and containers being rented for industrial purposes should always be maintained according to road standards because the potential for truck accidents is high and many times the load is part of the liability concerns. Knowing you are hauling with quality equipment is important to any company with transportation needs. Established trailer rental companies understand this potential extended liability with their equipment, and they tend to be very maintenance conscious.

Regardless of your need for a trailer or container of any type, it is important to do some homework before making a final decision. While some may opt for making a permanent purchase, there are many who only need some type of unit for a specific reason. Regardless of the need, always be prepared when discussing a price with a trailer rental agency by doing some research first.