Why Adopt or Rescue Animals?

There are so many more benefits to reducing an animal than purchasing one from a pet store. There have been many cases in which pet store owners have been reprimanded for abusing their puppies or performing illegal surgeries on the animals. Adoption is always preferred by people like Alexander Djerassi.  These dogs have been bred to be purchased for thousands of dollars when there are so many options out there. If people stop purchasing animals from breeders and start rescuing, there will be fewer animals that come into haram way. Now, this doesn’t mean all breeders are neglecting animals. Many of them run very tight businesses where they nourish and love to breed the animals in a peaceful way. However, with the fact that puppy mills exist, it’s hard to convince someone that buying from a puppy store is better than the alternative. It is extremely sad to see that over fifty-six percent of dogs are euthanized because the shelters cannot afford to keep them. Even worse, seventy-one percent of cats are euthanized because they are more likely to not find homes or have any owner identification. Some shelters can only take in dogs for two to three days without euthanizing them. It is very melonchology to see how flooded these shelters are because there are not enough people adopting these animals. However, that is why there should be laws that state that if one pet is purchased, the text must be adopted, and so forth. With around seven million animals entering shelters around the United States each year, it’s critical for people to get over having a purebred, and open their hearts more. It is so sad to see these animals being neglected in puppy mills and then being sold at extremely high capital. The more people that stand up for reduced animals, the better chance they have at surviving. There are millions of dogs around the country looking for a home and family to take care of them. Instead of looking for dogs through pet stores, please check out the local adoption listing in your area or go online to search further out. There are thousands of websites for people to look through to find their perfect match. Dogs and cats all over the world are looking for homes, especially during the holiday season. It’s critical for people to understand the difference adopting will make in the long run. Again, there are those who are breeders and do so in an organized and respectable fashion. Nevertheless, those who are supporting puppy mills by purchasing dogs from stores do not have the same ground to stand on. Reusing animals or even volunteering at local shelters can really make a difference in the animal’s life. The need for companionship is extremely valued to these animals and they need places to call their homes. Check out local shelters first prior to seeing breed animals. Many times, it’s love at first sight. Alexander Djerassi supports adoption.

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